4 Evident Ways Climate Change is Posing a Threat to Indigenous People

The imperishable bond with the land, the unpretentious modesty, the effortless moves and rhythms of the tribal people…Think about a world where this mundane folklore will remain just in the pages of history! Alike every facet of urban and rural civilisation, climate change has become a looming threat for the Indigenous people across the globe.

Tribal inhabitants sum upto 5% of the total population of the world, who practice a simple and sustainable lifestyle. Though they mostly live in poverty and are often brutalised by those willing to uproot them from their land, but, climate change is sure going to exasperate all these problems. Following here we have jotted down some major aspects stating how global warming and climate change is posing a threat to the existence of aboriginal people.

Evolving Risks to their Way of Living

Many troops of aboriginal people are being compelled to migrate as their place of origin is becoming uninhabitable because of climate change. As an instance, Kenya is a nation where desertification is gradually taking a great toll on the nomadic aboriginal groups including the Oromo, Samburu and Maasai. This, in turn, is compelling them to move to the cities and forgo their way of living including food habits, traditional customs, dressing etiquettes and much more.

The Melting Down of Glaciers

Tribals living in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal have attained master-like skills in scaling the rocky terrains while working as tour guides for the naive adventure seekers. Though, it is not prudent enough to consider a single event contributing to climate change, however, such a job gets more tenacious as the planet warms up, thereby resulting into frequent melting down of glaciers. This, in turn, is impending an abrupt choice in between their lives and living.

A Threat to the Survival of Arctic Reindeers

With the drastic climate change, the nature of snowfall, ice and winds are becoming unpredictable all across the Arctic region. The Saami herders inhabiting all across Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia have revealed that the Arctic Reindeers are often falling through the thinning ice because of climate change. Since reindeer herding is integrally connected to the Saami culture; including marriage, songs, language, treatment of older people and child upbringing, a question on their existence can bring a devastating effect on their lifestyle.

Search for Renewable Energy by the Urbanites

Indigenous people are facing some serious conflicts with many oil and mining companies nowadays, as they are looking for opportunities to exploit their habitat for finding resources. As observed by researchers, their habitat has been found to be substantially fertile for developing renewable energy sources such as hydropower and biofuels. The Guarani tribe in Brazil has been exploited as their ancestral lands are being deployed for Biofuel generation.

As a matter of fact, the conventional knowledge and insights of aboriginal people can turn out to be a weapon for mankind to fight against global warming and climate change, as they are believed to boast incredible potential in managing their land. Thus, bridging the gap between the Indigenous and Urbane and undermining their sustainable ways might prove to one of the cheapest yet effective tools in curbing climate change.

4 Evident Ways Climate Change is Posing a Threat to Indigenous People
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4 Evident Ways Climate Change is Posing a Threat to Indigenous People
Among the different living species that are sharing close ties with the land, the Indigenous people have been facing a severe threat due to climate change.
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Global Warming Political Union
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