4 Nations That are Facing Extreme Turmoil Due to Drastic Climate Change

Considering the shift in tectonic plates, disturbances caused by seismic waves and other natural inconsistencies, the geographical outline of Earth has changed over and over since the prehistoric ages. However, while observing the recent natural turbulence and their effect on the Earth’s surface, it can be stated that massive climate change has become the major beast of burden nowadays.

Some of the nations in Latin America and Asia have become severely concerned about the pressing challenge of climate change. Evidently, the most crucial reason of turmoil for countries including Chile and Vietnam is global warming and climate change and its extremity has surpassed the burning issues including gender inequality, immigration, income inequality, terrorism and refugee crisis. Furthermore, around a quarter of the total population in countries like Colombia, Mexico and China say that climate change is the most vital threat to sustenance of life.

Here we have jotted down a list of five nations that have been facing some of the most appalling effects of global warming.


The World Bank has addressed the nation as one of the nations encountering massive vulnerability due to climate change (rising sea levels). Around 85 percent of Vietnam settles in less than 1000 meters above sea level and around 2140 miles aligning the coast. Warmer temperatures, sea water and salt water intrusion are worsening the situation, thereby making it unfavourable for survival of life. Reports state that the sea level rise can affect more than 1 million people by 2050 in the Mekong River Delta region.


Income inequality is considered to be the most vital issue in the nation followed by climate change. Most of the nation’s population live along the flood-prone coastal areas and the range of Andes Mountain. Strikingly, these areas have been experiencing massive turmoil in terms of biodiversity and water supply. Furthermore, the glaciers have started melting at a huge rate because of temperature rise.


The natives of this country address climate change as the most vulnerable threat to existence of life. A ‘mega drought’ which began in the year 2010 has concurred along with the hottest decade in the region of central Chile, where around 80% of the nation’s total population lives.


Climate change is the second most crucial concern, next to income inequality. The extent of air pollution has drastically increased over the recent years and the situation is worsening further with time. This, in turn, is certainly intensifying the impact of global warming and climate change, thereby resulting in warmer temperatures. Due to the rise in sea levels, the cities lying on the coastal areas are at major risks of encountering massive environmental inconsistencies, thereby facing a question on their existence.

Considering these adversities, it is of paramount importance for people all around the world to implement a sustainable living. Major advancements including renewable energy consumption, afforestation & reforestation, use of energy-efficient appliances, sustainable consumption of water, reduction in paper consumption & wastage have found its own way for preventing global warming and climate change. Thus, if you have not joined the league of promoters of global warming prevention, then it is advisable to do so as fast as possible.

4 Nations That are Facing Extreme Turmoil Due to Drastic Climate Change
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4 Nations That are Facing Extreme Turmoil Due to Drastic Climate Change
The existence of a number of nations is at serious stake, considering the dreadful effect of global warming. Countries like Chile, Vietnam, China and Colombia might just remain in the pages of history as their existence is highly threatened by climate change.
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Global Warming Political Union
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