5 Smart Tips for Households to Prevent Global Warming

Since the last few decades, global warming has been “Talk of the town”. A lot of seminars, programs and initiatives have already being made to aware people about the dreadful effects of global warming and helpful steps to deal with this burning issue. However, conventional wisdom states that every massive movement begins with an individual step. Thus, before we encourage people to make great moves on promoting a better environment, it is time we start making small yet aggressive steps right from our home.

Decreasing the heat-trapping emissions is not confined to forgoing the modern conveniences. It means practicing smart approaches and use energy-efficient products which, will help in decreasing the level of carbon emissions. Adhering the same, following here are some of the easy yet effective ways to global warming prevention.

Keep Your house Air Tight

Air leaks are a common instance which, even take place in reasonably tight houses. They may account for a certain proportion in the form of heat which, is generated in the furnace during winters or the air which, our homes gain during summers. While consuming energy on heating or cooling your home, you are actually wasting money while incurring unnecessary costs. Moreover, you must opt for free home energy audits being organized by many utilities.

Act Wise while Driving Your Car

While buying a car, you must choose one with the best fuel economy rating available in the considered category. The fuel we use while driving adds a certain amount of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. Sound gas mileage will not only help you to combat global warming but, also save a great deal of money as well. Furthermore, you must opt for regular performance checks of your vehicle to ensure that it does not lead to over-consumption of fuel.

Switch to LED lights

The LED bulbs can help you to save about 15 percent of electricity compared to normal incandescent bulbs. This, in turn, will help many families to save a great deal of money per year on a macro scale.

Wash clothes with cold water

Hot water washes use around 5 times the energy being used while washing with cold water and thus, it creates around five times more the emissions. This, in turn, will help you to save substantial costs on an annual basis.

Upgrade your air conditioner and refrigerator (particularly if they are being used for more than 5 years)

New electronic devices including refrigerators and air conditioners are mostly twice as efficient as the old ones. For refrigerators, upgrading the old ones can help you to facilitate energy savings for up to 3 years. On an advisable note, while purchasing a new fridge or any other appliance including air conditioner, you must look for the energy star ratings as these devices consume a substantial amount of energy. Though these items might cost you more during the initial phase, but, it will bring you a great deal of energy savings in the long run and contribute to global warming prevention.

Spread the word

Take initiative and start making your friends and peers aware of the worst consequences of global warming on our environment. Making people learn about it would help them to contribute to the prevention of global warming and climate change and develop advanced solutions for a safe, healthy and sustainable future.

5 Smart Tips for Households to Prevent Global Warming
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5 Smart Tips for Households to Prevent Global Warming
The initiatives to combat global warming prevention should be inculcated into the minds of individual homeowners and not just companies, governments and non-governmental institutions. This blog emphasises on the small yet smart tips for households to promote a sustainable living and prevent global warming.
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Global Warming Political Union
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