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Adopting the Simplest of Measures to Reverse the Impact of Global Warming

Amidst the overt seriousness of our mundane life, often very casual approaches of people, a few light hearted rendezvous, couple of fun films touches the chord in the most inexplicable yet significant manner. Without having to interpret or decode the toughest of terms or convoluted sentiments, a statement is promptly made. Besides staying with us for a long time, they manifest a life changing draw in life for real.

Let’s develop a similar stance towards global warming and climate change. Integrating even the apparently insignificant aid by many, in the cycle of change will definitely lead us to a greener tomorrow.

The hullabaloo over raging climate catastrophes is hardly making a difference to the world. Besides spending billions on annual summits pledging transformation and claiming to disseminate information for public welfare, it is high time each of us- the privileged lot, budge an inch from our comfort zone and contribute towards a bigger change in the smallest way possible.

Following are few pointers that might sound absolutely juvenile to intellectuals but for optimists they are a beacon of hope.

• A quick shower instead of a regal bath saves considerable amount of water.

• Choosing energy efficient appliances to replace older ones serves in optimizing energy use.

• Replace incandescent light bulbs with fancy LED tubes saves electricity and is way more durable.

• A gradual shift to renewable energy substitutes like solar from conventional sources like thermal at our own homes, will increasingly serve to be beneficial for our planet at large.

• Drive slow to save fuel. Driving at a pace of 50mph saves around 25% more fuel than that spent while driving at 70mph.

• A further better contribution would be to arrange for pool cabs.

• In spite of curtains being less fashionable than blinds, using them cuts back more heat and insulates the rooms.

• For the affluent, choosing a car with a three way catalytic converter makes more sense as they drastically reduce nitrous oxide and hydrocarbon emissions by almost over 90%.

• Rooms or furnishings made of MDF and chipboard release formaldehyde – a carcinogenic component. So, it is advisable to use sustainable varieties of seasoned wood.

• Embark upon a cleaning drive of your fridge. Dusty coils can increase energy consumption by over 30%.

• Turn off audio video systems instead of putting them on standby.

• Drink filtered water, avoid bottled ones to save use of plastic.

• Switch to jute or other biodegradable variants of carry bags from the extremely harmful plastic ones, or at least reuse them.

• Dump waste in compost heaps rather than sending all of it to land-fills.

• At home, decide upon washing clothes together- at a go.

• If possible carry coffee mugs to office and use it instead of polystyrene cups.

• Raise voice against food import and develop the habit to consumer local produce to cut down on carbon footprint.

• Avoid unnecessary air travel and resort to rail to save fuel.

The above measures are far from being a stringent dogma or a laid down decree for strict adherence. They are just subtle means to keep a check on reckless human activities that has spinned out of control and accumulatively been affecting global warming and climate change in the most atrocious forms.

For all you rationalists out there, spare a thought to the causal effects to determine the essence of truth and the dire need to take small steps rather than a giant leap to usher change.

Adopting the Simplest of Measures to Reverse the Impact of Global Warming
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Adopting the Simplest of Measures to Reverse the Impact of Global Warming
Incorporating little change and adhering to certain fundamentals in daily life can accumulatively bring about a substantial change in our ecosystem, reeling under the burden of global warming.
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Global Warming Political Union
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