Alarming effect of climate change on freshwater reserve

The increasing global temperature and the abrupt pattern in climate change is adversely affecting the aquatic ecosystems and the fresh water demand and supply process. Rivers and other freshwater bodies around the globe supplies 99% of freshwater needs for drinking, growing crops and for manufacturing and other industrial purposes.

How climate change is deteriorating the oceanic and freshwater ecosystem:

The mighty oceans are the largest water reservoir containing 71% saline water which makes it unsuitable for drinking but these oceans play a key role in maintaining the fresh water cycle on earth. The oceans are responsible for the global evaporation and precipitation. The amount of water that gets evaporated from the oceanic surface are carried away by the atmospheric air on the land that condenses as clouds and fall as rain. But the detrimental effect of climate change and global warming and the increasing level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is seriously increasing the carbon dioxide concentration in the ocean making the surface water more acidic in nature.

The severely affected oceanic surface water when gets converted into saturated clouds shower acidic rains over a region that causes extensive damage to the freshwater ecosystem and to the mankind as a whole. Acid rain that flows into the river, lakes and streams disrupts the pH balance of the water resulting in biological damage. Being acidic in nature the rain water has become unsuitable to be reserved as freshwater for human consumption.

Climate change and global warming is having serious impact on freshwater environment around the world. The process is not only affecting the supply of freshwater but is also taking a huge toll on the aquatic species. Recent environmental studies reveal an alarming condition of the gradual extinction of thousands of wild species that depends on the rivers and the wetlands for their survival. The freshwater reservoirs around the globe is facing serious threats from excessive pollution, damming, silting and dredging. Moreover the accumulation of plastics beneath the earth’s layers is also hindering the process of rainwater absorption by the earth thus creating a dearth in the fresh groundwater supplies.

Due to the earth’s rising temperature the polar ice is melting at a rapid rate which is turning the face water into sea water. The abrupt pattern of climate change around the globe is also reducing the average rainfall resulting in dry weather, drought and extreme flood in certain regions. The alarming increase in global population means more demand for food, thus triggering extensive agricultural activities that requires huge supply of water for irrigation purposes resulting in severe water pollution. Freshwater resources is crucial for both human existence and ecosystem. Climate change and global warming is increasing the demand of more water supply for the survival of the living creatures.

Alarming effect of climate change on freshwater reserve
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Alarming effect of climate change on freshwater reserve
Being the supreme creature on this planet it is our responsibility to initiate and adopt certain habits to reduce the threatening effect of global warming and take necessary measures in preserving the freshwater for future utilization.
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