The Alarming Effects of Global Warming And Its Various Outcomes

The world as we have known it is changing at a very fast pace. The main reason behind it happens to be the phenomenon which is termed as Global warming. The term by now is known by everyone as there have been much discussions and debates going on about it in various news channels as well as discussion forums. Researchers have been measuring the amount of change that has been happening over the years. The reports are not very uplifting regarding the atmospheric changes of the earth due to global warming and with each passing decade, the changes will become more and more evident. There are a number of changes that are happening to the climate of the earth due to which the warmth of the surface of the earth increasing day by day. Now the world populations have woken up to the fact that pro active actions are required to minimize the climate change which can further affect the planet’s future. The past mistakes that we did are by and large responsible for the disasters that we are facing now. The first step would be to try to cut down the green house gas emissions in order to halt the effects of harmful gases that remain trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. With the many environmental changes happening around the world people everywhere have become aware as to how climate change can affect the very life as well as the future of the earth and that is of utmost necessity to cope with the changes as well as control the causes.

The changing climatic conditions are bringing about many environmental disasters which can be categorized as mentioned below:

The effects of global warming are evident in the excessive flooding that is happening is some parts of the world. In some 100 physical and 450 biological processes, the documented climate induced changes can be documented by scientific researchers. Higher temperatures In the Russian Arctic are melting the permafrost. This is resulting in the fundamentals of five story apartment buildings to sag. Also, when we look at the rainfall, it has become highly irregular as well as often more intense than it was before. The heat waves are becoming more extreme and the floods and storms have become more severe. In the past eras, when a storm came people lost their houses and belongings maybe, but now they lose their lives. Rivers meal earlier and freeze much later in the winter. The ecological balance has become totally off as insects emerge earlier, trees flower earlier and birds lay eggs sooner. As the glaciers are melting the sea level is rising plus the saltiness of the sea water is getting diluted which is affecting the marine lives. As a result, many sea animals are slowly becoming extinct.

In the drastic temperature changes also the effects of global warming are felt. Over intervals of millions of years the average global temperature has usually varied by 5°C but now the research conducted by the scientists show that the temperature of the earth’s surface is likely to rise by another 1.4 to 5.8°C during the course of the 21st century, which has already risen by 0.6°C since the late 1800s. Over the period 1906-2005 Temperature rose by 0.74°C ±0.18°C. Over the last 50 years the rate of warming was almost double that for the period as a whole (0.13°C ±0.03°C per decade, versus 0.07°C ± 0.02°C per decade). The earth can anyways be warmed by the greenhouse gases by a factor of about 33 °C (59 °F). The major greenhouse gases are mostly man made, that is carbon dioxide, methane, etc. which continuously increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with lethal implication. The greenhouse gases have continuously increased in the atmosphere thanks to the industrial revolution and till date, there are many skeptics who do not believe that mankind is responsible for the change in earth’s atmosphere and still supports the industries that spew harmful gases onto the environment.

There are numerous effects of global warming like Arctic shrinkage, glacial retreat, and worldwide sea level rise as well as changes to the frequency and intensity of heavy precipitation. Changes in mountain snowpack, water scarcity in some regions leading to droughts, increased precipitation in other regions are all signs of the impending doom. Additionally, the adverse health effects from hotter temperatures are other predictable impacts. With all these making the earth almost inhabitable as each year is experiencing devastating environmental calamities, it is high time that all of us join hands in an effort to reduce the carbon footprints left by human activities so that the earth comes back to some normalcy.

The Alarming Effects of Global Warming And Its Various Outcomes
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The Alarming Effects of Global Warming And Its Various Outcomes
The effects of global warming are plenty and devastating for our environment. This blog will emphasise on the numerous aftermaths of global warming which include glacial retreat, Arctic shrinkage, rise in sea levels, severe health issues to mankind, threat to wildlife existence and much more.
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