The Alarming Menace of Greenhouse Emissions on Human Health

Greenhouse emissions has magnanimously affected the air quality in a plethora of several pathways. This includes the genesis and allergenicity of allergens, thereby increasing regional concentration of fine particles, dust and ozone. Many of these obnoxious pollutants are capable of instigating the onset of different types of respiratory diseases and exacerbating the prevailing conditions in the exposed population, including the elderly people and children.

How Greenhouse Gases are Affecting Human Health

● A stipulated increase in the fine particle concentrations and ground level zone, which are triggering a number of reactions including coughing, chest pain, congestion and throat irritation, lung inflammation and improper lung functioning as well.

● An increase in the ozone formation rate due to increased sunlight and higher temperature is another significant one among the effects of global warming on human health.

● An increase in occurrences of droughts, causing the penetration of increased particulate matter and dust within the atmosphere.

● A drastic rise in level of atmospheric CO2 concentration and average temperature, which, in turn is affecting the frequency of aeroallergen distribution and exaggerating the tendency of allergenicity of mold and pollen spores.

● A steep rise in precipitation levels in some areas, which, is further leading to an increase in the count of mold spores.

A Step towards Mitigation and Adaptation

● Implanting vegetation and flowering plants which, will combat against the greenhouse gases and air pollutants, thereby reducing the count of black carbon or ozone. Some of the greener initiatives will include rooftop gardens in urban establishments and urban tree covers.

● Though the use of air conditioning systems can help you to shield against the health effects associated with direct exposure to chronic heat. However, it has a darker side, as it might result in increased greenhouse gas emissions based on the power generation method.

● Making a switch to using public transportation facilities, biking or walking from driving personal vehicles. Redefining your life standards in this way will not only help you in contributing the least you can towards the movement of global warming prevention, but also boost cardiovascular fitness and metabolism rate.

Severe and frequent extreme weather events and rapid rise in temperatures are gradually increasing the risks associated with heat stroke and dehydration and other sorts of injuries caused by the local weather changes. While observing these multiple vulnerable effects of global warming across the globe, it has become immensely crucial for us to bring a sustainable change in our way of living which, would lessen the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and start cultivating a better tomorrow.

The Alarming Menace of Greenhouse Emissions on Human Health
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The Alarming Menace of Greenhouse Emissions on Human Health
Among the multifarious impacts of greenhouse emissions on planet Earth, the threat to human lives is one of the prominent effects to eye on. Thus, it has become highly crucial for mankind to lessen the level of carbon footprint and promote healthy living.
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Global Warming Political Union
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