Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide to Gasoline- Quite a Face Off!

The claim that turning air into gasoline works in favor of reversing climate crisis has by far made fair number of rounds in the science circles. But, the question of viability in using a promising technical solution that can sequester vast reserves of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into gasoline remained unanswered.

Well, lately, a group of researchers seem to address the concern by speaking more on the implementation aspect of a highly decisive tool that challenges global warming and climate change. They are heard talking highly about a robust vast scale construction of industrial scale network of carbon scrubbers that reserves the potential to remove greenhouse gases directly from the atmosphere.

The best part about the entire research is, it answers the questions on affordability. The intrinsic cost involved is considered to range between $94 and $232 per metric tonne of carbon dioxide absorption. In fact the numerics quoted seem to have experienced a drop up to 30 percent from what was suggested way back in 2011. On an average the count manifests, burning a gallon of gasoline in a car would cost just about $2 to be removed from the atmosphere.

It is contested that if we are able to suck out carbon dioxide- a major greenhouse ingredient, we will be able to make a substantial difference to global warming and climate change– a raging concern for humanity that is amplifying with each passing day.

The conversion into gasoline and using it to fuel industries and vehicles will no wonder contribute to carbon dioxide emission yet again, but, will definitely put a stop to the release of any other harmful greenhouse constituent. Environmentalists have rendered the process to be recycling of greenhouse emissions.

However complicated the entire process is, it ultimately boils down to four integral steps- sucking in huge reserve of atmospheric air, extracting carbon dioxide from it and letting it settle in a liquid. Then again, separating the dissolved carbon dioxide from the liquid and blending it with hydrogen to convert the amalgam into combustible fuels like gasoline.

Although arranging for the basics isn’t a tough task, sourcing of materials for preparing an industrial scale installation where the chemical reaction can be administered, is indeed hard. Responding to such a grave concern, researchers confirmed that their experiment proved that there is a lot of scope to optimize the budget to design such a factory. The parts to be assembled can be manufactured at a low cost and by means of meticulous tracking of the emissions and cost involved in each stage of design and production process, the expenses can be tamed.

In order to establish the effectiveness of the entire research, scientists came up with an interesting set of data that proves the relevance. 2017 emitted around 32.5 giga tonnes of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so based on the scale of using the technology, it would have cost us between $3 trillion to $7.5 trillion to suck out the emission.

Having shared the positives, it is important to mention that there lies ample room for the critiques to pick on the finer aspects that they claim, remains answered by the evolving technology.

They question the credibility of the entire research in actually sucking enough quantity of carbon dioxide that can actually meet the emissions target considering the chances of negative emissions surpassing the effectiveness. They also challenged the price quoted to build emission plants that can absorb enough to meet climate goals. Some have even gone to the extent of questioning the operational success of the technology, stressing on the fact that it is likely impossible for it to mitigate global warming at a scale being prophesized.

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide to Gasoline- Quite a Face Off!
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Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide to Gasoline- Quite a Face Off!
Research shows global climate crisis can be averted by absorbing carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere at industrial scales and converting it into gasoline.
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Global Warming Political Union
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