The Available Information on Global Warming and its Implications

We have all heard of the phrase ‘global warming’ since the late 1960s. But the term has gained more significance in the last twenty years or so.  Most people by now have the fair idea that it is directly related to the increase in the earth’s temperature which is getting warmer and hotter with each passing year. The cause and effects of this phenomenon are not easy to jot down in a few lines, but in this blog, we will try to understand what global warming exactly means and gather more information on global warming. The planet earth is like a complex machine and there are many factors at play which controls the different aspect s which makes it functions smoothly. If any one of these factors gets upset then the whole system gets affected and the outcome is obviously felt by all. One of these aspects is the greenhouse gases which trap solar heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. The gases can be natural like water vapor, but when the harmful gases which are not entirely natural like an excess of carbon dioxide increase in level then the natural greenhouse process gets affected in an undesirable way. If there were no greenhouse gases we would experience complete freezing, as the earth’s temperature would have dropped without the solar energy that is trapped by the greenhouse gases. But then human actions have somehow messed up the process where the earth’s atmosphere is getting hotter day by day as the trapped solar energy is not getting radiated off into the atmosphere as it should do following the natural process.

If we concentrate on the available information on global warming we will see that another thing that has happened over the years having a major impact on the earth’s atmosphere is the depletion of the ozone layer of the atmosphere. One of the most important contributors to air pollution happens to be Nitrogen oxide which is a combination of oxygen and nitrogen. Not only does it play a major role in depleting the ozone layer but is also very harmful to human health and existence. Nitrogen oxide is emitted in large quantities thanks to human activities only, like the factories that use coal plants for producing energy and power. Engine combustion of motor vehicles also produces it in large quantities. It has an adverse effect on the growth of plants, which is slowly turning the planet into a barren wasteland. We all know the important role played by plants in the maintenance of the ecological balance of the earth. Now we have tampered with the environmental factors so much that trees have stopped growing, or some species have just vanished off the face of the earth. Hence the impacts of nitrogen oxide are not only harmful and responsible for global warming but it is dangerous as it has resulted in acid rains and an increase in the toxic chemicals in the atmosphere.

In human beings, this gas can initiate symptoms of nausea and eye or nose irritations. It also can cause shortness of breath is inhaled in small quantities. But if it is inhaled in large quantity then it can lead to life threatening symptoms like fluid build-up in the lungs and burning spasms. Respiratory problems, therefore, are a direct result of this dangerous gas, and apart from that it also causes visual impairment. It is thus important to take immediate steps to curb the emission of this gas in the atmosphere so that we can lead a healthy and normal life and also save the planet from further damages.  If every individual takes the initiative to bring about small changes in his or her lifestyle then it is no big deal. But then one human being cannot do this, and the entire global community will have to join hands and take a pledge to save the earth which we call our home.  Pollution is something that has been largely contributed to by the human beings and it is on the human race to stop it and reverse the effects if possible.

The Available Information on Global Warming and its Implications
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The Available Information on Global Warming and its Implications
The term ‘global warming’ has gained wide significance over the last twenty years as our planet Earth is experiencing drastic changes in terms of climate and topography. Our blog will emphasise on the depletion of ozone layer as a result of which the sea levels are rising up and occurrence of natural calamities is increasing rapidly.
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