Global Warming: Driving Our Planet to its Sixth Mass Extinction

Almost half of the living species of the planet are trying hard to cope with the appalling impact of global warming and avoid extinction. Continue reading “Global Warming: Driving Our Planet to its Sixth Mass Extinction”

Global warming and Climate Change

The one topic that is being discussed the world over is global warming and its effect on climate and the change in our environment. The effects are far reaching and are being felt all across the globe and it is not localized in any specific part of the world. Continue reading “Global warming and Climate Change”

The effects of smoking and the various ways to fight the menace

Smoking has countless side effects, ranging from the impact on your health or the health of those around you, to the cost of each pack and even the damage it can do to your home. It blows my mind that smoking is still so widespread. Continue reading “The effects of smoking and the various ways to fight the menace”

Global Warming

Who do you trust?
The people who were monitoring the quality of the air people where breathing in America for many years discovered that when the American government banned all aviation flights immediately after the September 11 Trade Centre bombing, all air quality in America improved dramatically within a very short time. Continue reading “Global Warming”

Is Sulphur Dioxide Toxic?

The Cockburn cement plant is in trouble with the EPA for the lime dust and SO2 it is producing.
On this morning’s show I said that SO2 was not toxic to the residents in this area. Listener Scott says:
Before making incorrect statements about chemicals on the radio I suggest you check the msds yourself mate! SO2 is toxic. Nitrogen is not. Continue reading “Is Sulphur Dioxide Toxic?”