Causes and Effects of Global Warming

With the burning of fossil fuels, farming livestock and deforestation activities, we have already influenced the planet to a great extent. The amount of greenhouse gases is gradually increasing because of which, the global temperatures are rising steady high. These gases act as the glasses present in a greenhouse, which traps the sun’s heat and prevents it from leaking back into space from the atmosphere of our planet. Deciphering the causes and effects of global warming are plenty and owing to this fact, we need to know about the severe implications which, is leading the Earth to face massive destruction.

The atmospheric levels of major greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide and other fluorinated gases are largely increasing because of anthropogenic activities, some of which are hereby listed below.

● Cows and sheep release huge amounts of methane while digesting their food. Thus, the rise in livestock farming is leading a steady increase in the atmospheric concentration of methane.

● Burning of fossil fuels like oil and coal, the emission of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide is increasing.

● Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and regulate the climate. Thus, with the increasing level of deforestation, the carbon dioxide penetrating in the atmosphere will no more be absorbed by trees as a result of which, it will add to the greenhouse effect.

● The fertilisers contain high amounts of nitrogen and with its increasing the nitrous oxide emissions are also increasing.

Considering all these causes, following here we would like to discuss on the aftermaths of global warming.

Oceans getting warmed up: With the rise in average temperature, the oceans are getting heated up rapidly.

Glacial Retreat: The glaciers are ebbing down drastically all across the world including the Himalayas, Alps, Andes, Alaska, Africa and Rockies.

Decreased area of snow cover: The total area of spring snow cover has decreased to a great extent in the Northern Hemisphere over the last 5 decades.

Ocean acidification: With the onset of Industrial Revolution, acidification in the ocean waters has rose to a great extent. This steady increase is because of the more emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due to anthropogenic activities, which signifies one of the dreadful instances of causes and effects of global warming.

We are moving towards the end of our own habitat and anthropogenic activities are the key stimulant to it. Thus, plant more trees, avail public transportation and use energy-efficient lighting solutions to initiate a sustainable living and stand against global warming.

Causes and Effects of Global Warming
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Causes and Effects of Global Warming
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