Climate change and its Adverse Effect on the Insects

The gradual increase in global temperature has created havoc in the ecological balance of this blue planet. As a consequence of which the global climate is also changing at an unprecedented rate with many regions in the world experiencing extreme and irregular swings in temperature.

Global warming and climate change has hazardous impact on the insects and their natural habitats. Almost 80% of the animal species on earth consist of the insects. Insects are considered as the boon for mankind and have an important role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. They perform some simple looking natural services that are often taken for granted. They are the natural pollinators, garbage collectors, soil conditioners and fertilizer producers. Recent environmental study reveals that the insect population around the globe is declining at an alarming rate. Researchers blame various factors like monoculture farming, climate changes behind the plight of insects who have significant contribution in maintaining the ecological equilibrium.

Insects play a pivotal role in offering many benefits to the man, environment and agriculture. They are widely distributed while some are responsible for the outbreak of many diseases some are interestingly useful to the humans. They have significant contribution in farming as they help in cross pollination of plants in agriculture. Insect like ladybugs act as natural pesticide to save the crop from infestation. Insects are also the major supply of food to the members of food chain. Many insects also act as natural scavengers as they help in decomposition of environmental waste.

The rising temperature of earth and the elevated level of greenhouse gases are negatively influencing the insect world like all other living entities.  The decline in honeybee population has garnered wide public attention in recent times as they play a vital role in crop pollination. The effect of global warming and climate change is having an alarming effect on all kind of insects including butterflies, and wild bees.

Environmental scientists suggest that the elevating level of global warming is going to make half of the insect habitat unsuitable by the end of the century. Insects are considered to be the most sensitive species and easily prone to the adverse effect of climate change. Also the technological innovations like mobile and its harmful radiation are also responsible for endangering the entomological world. Extensive farming methods and loss of natural habitat are greatly influencing the cause behind the declination of insect population.

Climate change and its Adverse Effect on the Insects
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Climate change and its Adverse Effect on the Insects
The increasing global temperature severely damage the insect’s ability to reproduce .The gradual extinction of the insects due to global warming and climate change is a sure shot indication towards ecological apocalypse that the human race is going to face in the coming days.
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Global Warming Political Union
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