Climate Change and Global Warming

The rising temperature across the globe is no more a rare phenomenon. The glaciers are melting fast, sea levels rising rapidly, animal species getting extinct and landscapes are witnessing more droughts. All these perils of climate change and global warming are very much prominent and known by people coming from different walks of life. While detailing on these aspects, it is important to comprehend the fact that; there is a thin line of difference between global warming and climate change.

● Global warming is termed as the rise in temperature of the Earth’s surface whereas, climate change not only includes this phenomenon but, also its adverse consequences.

● Global warming is primarily concerned with the anthropogenic causes which, is increasing the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels. However, climate change relates to both the man-made causes as well as natural stimulants such as the ice ages.

Considering all these causes, here we would like to dig out some of the grim signs of drastic climate changes happening around the world that is bringing severe changes to our daily lives.

Wilder weather: Massive tropical storms like hurricanes, tornados, cyclones mainly feed on the energy received from warm ocean water. Thus, with the rise in global temperature, ocean water is warming fast because of which, tropical storms are growing stronger.

Irregular rain and snow pattern: With the rise in temperature and air becoming warmer, more amount of moisture are evaporating from water and land into the atmosphere. This brings to the call that we can expect increased levels of rainfall and snowfall. However, this expected height of precipitation is not being spread across the globe evenly and thus, we are gradually experiencing fluctuations in weather patterns.

Defrosted permafrost: Permafrost refers to a layer of rock or soil which, remains frozen throughout the entire year which, can mainly be spotted in the regions of Alaska, Canada and other nations of the extreme north. However, with the rising temperatures, the permafrost is melting fast.

Many of us use the words global warming and climate change interchangeably and to a certain extent, it is not absolutely incorrect to the same as well. But, both have specific implications which distinguish them from each other. Thus, going through these aforesaid aspects will not only enlighten you about how both these are impacting our planet and leading it towards its point of extinction.

Climate Change and Global Warming
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Climate Change and Global Warming
This blog details on how climate change and global warming, though being interchangeably used, have the slightest differences when it comes to emphasising on their real meaning. Moreover, it also highlights the recent major signs of climate changes witnessed by the Earth.
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