Stop Global Warming to Preserve Your Treasure of Wine

Climate Change: A Major Threat to Your Dearest Australian Wine

Think of a celebration without wine? Doesn’t sound good at all, right! However, the declining production of wine because of global warming is portraying a similar picture of the near future. Have you ever thought that this burning global issue might work as a barrier between your much-loved wine and you? Well, if not then here’s what you need to know.

Production of premium quality wine depends on a series of factors while making their way from the grapevines to bottles. Climate is greatly influential in the production of grapes which, can make upgrade and degrade the quality, flavour and style of them. Thus, with the growing impact of global warming and climate change, every other wine lover is in the quest to know about the future of wine.

The climate of Australia is getting warmer with time and 2016 has been recorded as the hottest year so far. The symptoms of our ailing environment are increasing as well. Among the severe aftermaths of global warming, wine grape production has also noticed to suffer immensely. Disparate, frequent and erratic climate patterns are increasing over time because of which wine regions all across Australia have been suffering from floods, wildfires, droughts and other natural calamities. The extreme weather events have led to the degradation of fruitful and healthy soil which is required for grape crop cultivation. These issues are affecting the entire agricultural industry and are not only limited to viticulture. However, it is time for the wine producers to plan more effectively, since the quality and flavor of grapes greatly depend on the climate.

Initiatives to Combat the Issue

The renowned and ever-resilient wine industry is trying to combat by implementing modern methods and techniques for protecting the crops from ailing climate. In the regions where changing weather can threaten the real flavor of the end product because of global warming and climate change, wineries are mainly adapting newer methods of production. For instance, many wine makers have started making zone clay based sprays which help them to protect against grapes against the sun’s heat thereby, preventing degradation. Likewise, in the drought-prevalent areas, vineyard owners are trying to enhance the facilities of irrigation efficiency to save water. This, in turn, makes the entire process more sustainable, while utilizing the capability of water retention of compost thereby, maintaining the canopies more efficiently. Though these modern tools and techniques are still inaccessible to a number of grapevine owners all across the nation, however, systematic and balanced distribution will greatly help to prevent the decline of wine production.

Final Word

The science of wine-making and viticulture has a lot to do with the climate and weather of Australia. Global warming is the major challenge of the present era and Australia is no exception. Among the various areas being affected in the nation, environmental problems relating to the wine industry is quite crucial. Our love for wine is inevitable which enjoys a worldwide demand and is a propitious industry from the business point of view. Thus, it is of paramount importance to implement a sustainable way of living to prevent global warming and its severe aftermaths.

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Climate Change: A Major Threat to Your Dearest Australian Wine
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