How climate change is wiping out the polar bears from this planet

The only species of terrestrial mammal on the planet and grace of the Arctic, the charismatic polar bears are on the alarming verge of extinction due to abrupt effect of climate change. Polar bears depend highly on the sea ice environment for travelling, hunting and mating. The adverse effect of global warming is creating havoc on the solid ice sheet of the Polar Regions compelling these magnificent creatures to travel to greater distances to meet their energy demands.

The increasing level of global warming is igniting the earth’s temperature at a frightening rate which is adversely hampering the atmospheric layer of the earth especially the ozone layer which prevents the harmful UV rays of the sun from entering the earth. The emission of poisonous greenhouse gases like Co2, methane, and particularly CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) is responsible for damaging the ozone layer. Rampant usage of fridge, refrigerators, ACs and deodorants releases this harmful CFC gas.

CFCs and other halogenated substances are creating havoc on the outer atmospheric layers of the earth resulting in manmade depletion in the ozone layer. As a result of which, the UV rays of the sun is directly entering the earth and is having a direct impact on the solid ice sheets of the Arctic and the Antarctic. As the planet is getting hotter due to the causes and effects of global warming the solid ice of the polar region is melting at an alarming rate causing the rise in sea level. Moreover the accumulation of huge piles of waste like plastics, and other harmful substances in the oceanic water is devastating the ecosystem making the water acidic which is endangering the lives of the oceanic creatures including the seals.

Seals are a major energy source for the polar bears which thrives well in the cool oceanic currents that brings plenty of food for them. Due to the constant rise in the sea temperature seals find it difficult to survive due to lack of enough food and the process have a direct and frightening impact upon the survival of the polar bears too. A recent environmental study revealed a disturbing fact that the population of polar bears are declining fast due to the insufficient supply of enough prey. Climate change is dramatically melting the sea ice which is compelling these creatures to shift in the ice caped regions.

Such challenging migration and shortage of adequate fat rich preys like the seal and sea lions is skeptically affecting the polar bear population over the past decade. As the seal population is decreasing, the polar bears have to swim long distances to hunt for their favourite prey. Such distressing activities take a huge toll on their physical condition resulting in rapid declination of their population.

How climate change is wiping out the polar bears from this planet
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How climate change is wiping out the polar bears from this planet
The causes and effect of global warming is making the polar bears highly vulnerable to extinction. Being the supreme species on this planet it's our duty to make the earth a suitable habitat for all before it's too late.
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Global Warming Political Union
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