Climate Experts Fear Rising Rate of C02 Release from Earth’s Soil

A recent study reveals a bizarre truth. Since the past few decades, about double the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide that is reserved in the earth’s womb, is being released at an enormous rate.

A group of eminent soil scientists across the globe got together to gather 2000 sources of climate data from ecosystems around the planet. they came up with a shocking finding that points at the whooping rate in which carbon dioxide is being released. The report prepared talked about a 1.2 percent increase rate in the past two and a half decades, and that, no microbes are to be blamed for the effects of global warming.

Climate scientists are referring to this phenomenon as the hyperventilation of the earth.

The crux of the story is, the crust as such does not breathe, but gives a feel of it when microbial creatures beneath help release carbon dioxide stored in roots, dead leaves and other decomposing natural remains. Hungry microbes eat into the tasty carbon stored in these decaying matters, releasing carbon dioxide as a natural byproduct in the similar fashion human beings exhale while taking a deep breath.

In layman’s term this is referred to as soil respiration. It is an integral process that complements photosynthesis- the process in which plants use atmospheric carbon dioxide, water and light into energy, thus helping in the sustainability of biodiversity.

To one’s dismay, it has been evident that as an effect of global warming and climate change, as the temperatures continue to rise, there has been acceleration in the rate of carbon dioxide release by microbes. The rate is recorded to be way higher the rate at which plants can store it.

Quite some time back it was noted that tree roots and microbes respire at a high rate on the eve of temperature rise till the intensity of heat maximizes and chokes organisms. Although, until now the effects of the increased rate of respiration has not been put under the scanner owing the massive scale of sampling that needs to be done.

The only reference at hand is offered by two huge global nature surveys that used soil, temperature, rainfall and other data from 2000 sources across ecosystems. This showed horrific increase in respiration rate between 1990 and 2014.

Researchers have pointed out at an astounding reality noticing the rate of increase in the soil respiration rate. The current picture manifests that the changing scenario heralds bad news for generations to come. Slight change over the years can accumulate to bring about a sudden and massive shift in the prevailing balance of the ecosystem. By the time we are able to gauge the effect of the microbial reactions beneath us, it is seemingly possible for the extra amount of carbon dioxide released to contribute heavily to global warming, critically pushing up levels of hyperventilation.

In fact, if the other constituents of carbon cycle react otherwise, this soil change can lead to increase in temperature levels in the atmosphere. Owing  to what is called a feedback loop, raising the amount of carbon being converted into carbon dioxide.

The entire study has been conducted taking into consideration parts of the Northern Hemisphere- high altitudes in the Arctic as well as the tropics. Before a conclusion can be finally drawn, it is essential to consider the remaining substantial topography.

Climate Experts Fear Rising Rate of C02 Release from Earth’s Soil
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Climate Experts Fear Rising Rate of C02 Release from Earth’s Soil
Earth’s Soil is hyperventilating! Sounds weird? Well, scientists hint at a tragic feedback loop with the gradual rise in the level of carbon dioxide being released by the soil, contributing to the existing concern about global warming. Let’s share the concern….
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