Definition of Global Warming

Our planet Earth is broiling rapidly with the climate becoming warmer and irresistible for sustenance of life. Considering these appalling natural occurrences, it has become ‘need of the hour’ to have a clear and precise definition of global warming and how it is detrimentally affecting the environment. Global warming refers to the rapid increase in average temperature of the Earth due to the greenhouse effect which is an outcome of increase in the atmospheric concentration of CFCs, carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

The greenhouse gases are released naturally into the atmosphere at a certain level which, is not harmful to the environment. Our planet Earth efficiently performs the task of balancing all the processes related to it and have a sustainable climate where life can exist properly. However, the trouble has emanated because of the excessive atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Severity of Global Warming

With the rapid rise in emission of greenhouse gases, the global temperature is increasing and so are the sea levels. In addition to the context, the pattern of precipitation across the globe is also changing. However, all that is known to the scientists and environmentalists is the extent to which our planet is warming up and what changes it will bring to climate system with the increasing chances of environmental hazards. The most definite thing in this entire process is the increase in the level of carbon dioxide. The increase in industrialization and burning of fossil fuels are the two major anthropogenic reasons behind increase in carbon emissions and this needs to be stopped to avoid global warming to a further extent.

Change in The Earth’s Climate

The climatic changes across the globe are very much evident by now. Every summer, we are experiencing record-breaking heat and in winters extremely shivering cold. Furthermore, the weather is not predictable anymore. The normal trends in climate across several parts of the world are emanated now along with massive change in the average precipitation level and temperatures. The occurrences of snowfalls, heavy storms, droughts as well as floods have increased steadily and all these changes in the climate is certainly a result of the increase in level of greenhouse gases.

Now, efforts must be made to decrease the impact of global warming by both the businesses and households. However, the household owners can certainly start with certain small yet effective sustainable changes to their lifestyle, especially energy consumption. Below here are some of the things explained.

● Utilize energy-star products: Purchase electronic appliances and accessories that comply with these standards.

● Home insulation: Inspect your home and seal all the leaky windows and seams and decrease the proportion of outside air coming into our home. Insulating your home properly will help you to keep the home temperature-consistent.

Apart from the aforesaid, you can also think of recycling the waste related to aluminum, glass and paper products to ensure less release of greenhouse gases. Global warming is the most burning concern with respect to life sustenance in the Earth and thus, it is almost a requisite for us to contribute the least we can to prevent the impact of global warming on a further note.

Definition of Global Warming
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Definition of Global Warming
With rising sea levels, many wildlife species getting endangered and geographical changes of our Earth, the impact of global warming is leading our planet to its ultimate destruction. This blog will emphasize on the actual meaning of global warming, causes of it and highly beneficial ways for households to decrease the dreadful impact of it on our planet.
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