The Dismaying Aftereffects of Climate Change on Australia

Climate of a region boasts a direct relation with the temperature patterns, atmospheric pressure, wind, rain and humidity. Different regions of the world experience different types of climates such as dry, moderate and tropical. Adhering the same, being a large country, Australia hosts a variety of climates.

Alike any other nation, climate of Australia has direct influence on the arrival and departure of seasons. This, in turn, further impacts on the growth and survival of flora and fauna of this nation as well. Though the nation holds a rich biodiversity in its ecosystem, however, over time, it is experiencing a serious threat because of the increasing adverse impact of global warming.

Following here we would like to discuss on some of the effects of global warming which, are the most alarming as well.


Global warming is leading the ecosystem of Australia to face severe temperature rises, increased fire threats, drought, water shortages, intense storm damage, weed and pest invasions and much more. One of the most overwhelming archetypes that show us the dreadful impact of global warming is the Great Barrier Reef, which despite of being the largest coral reef system worldwide, is on its declining stage.

Food and Farming

Deviations in rainfall patterns, increasing occurrences of severe droughts, flooding and extreme weather, and more frequent heat waves are collectively making it difficult for the farmers to grow produce and graze livestock. This, in turn, is reducing the food availability, thereby, making it expensive to buy.


Every one out of six species is addressing the risk of extinction due to climate change. There are only two options available for the flora and fauna of the world to survive: move or adapt. However, while considering the pace of climate change, it’s becoming quite intimidating for many species to adapt quickly and survive with the changing environment. Furthermore, with the increasing amount of destruction of habitat, moving to other places is also becoming difficult.

Coastal Erosion

The rise in sea levels and frequent occurrences of intense storms will lead to more erosion of the Australian coastline, which, in turn, will inundate the residential and community properties.

Coral Bleaching

Rising temperatures within the oceans are increasing the number of coral bleaching events, which, has lead to massive destruction to the Great Barrier Reef.

Damage to homes

With the rapid increase in severe extreme weather events like storms, bushfires, floods, coastal erosions and cyclones, will bring more damage to homes and thus, you need to incur more expensive insurance premiums.


One of the most significant effects of global warming is the frequent and severely increasing heat waves are increasing the chances of death & illness, with acute effects, especially on the elderly people. The increasing in humidity and temperature levels are further increasing the produce of more mosquito-borne diseases.

We must be aware of the fact; every aspect of human lives is reliant on our natural environment. Thus, any type of effect on the environment has immense impact on the food we consume, water we drink, clothes we wear, products being made and sold thereby, directly affecting the generation of jobs and growth of economy as well.

The Dismaying Aftereffects of Climate Change on Australia
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The Dismaying Aftereffects of Climate Change on Australia
This article details on the ecosystem of Australia, (including the flora and fauna to human lifestyle) which is experiencing a series of adverse changes because of the impact of global warming.
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