Effective strategies to prevent the Adversities of Global Warming and Pollution

Global warming and climate change is a triggering universal phenomenon that has led to a number of serious consequences that is devastating the planet’s ecological balance and endangering lives of million. Soaring temperature, melting ice sheets, abrupt weather conditions and the rise of deadly diseases is clearly indicating the alarming impact of global warming.

Huge emission of greenhouse gases and excess penetration of ultraviolet radiation on earth’s surface is both the adverse repercussion of human activity, which the researchers suggest if not checked today can make the planet an uninhabitable place for the future generation. Global warming is not only affecting human lives but is also responsible for the extinction of many animal species from the earth’s surface. Huge influx of ultraviolet rays and the burning of large amount of fossil fuel are primary responsible behind the planet’s rising temperature that is having a significant effect on the health of the planet.

World leaders and researchers toss around some best ideas to stop global warming in global environment summit every year, but due to lack of mass awareness global warming is becoming an threatening phenomenon across the globe. Increasing level of pollution is a clear example of human ignorance about  environment. While it may seem impossible for an individual to check the adversities of global warming but the inclusion of  some regular habits in daily life can have a significant contribution towards energy conservation.

Abandoning the daily usage of plastics is a vital step in checking the worst impact of global warming. As plastic is a petrochemical product, it does not decompose like organic components and hence produce billion tonnes of carbon production every year. Not only pollution, huge accumulation of plastics in the drainage system is responsible for devastating deluge around the world. Deposition of plastic waste in the earth’s layer also hinder the penetration of rainwater resulting in the dearth of fresh water reserves. Thus banning of plastics can have a significant contribution to stop global warming and adverse effect of climate change.

Replacing the grid power with efficient energy sources like solar energy, geothermal energy and wind energy can effectively reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Switching to fluorescent bulbs like CFL and LEDs is indeed a pocket friendly investment for energy conservation.

Recycling of disposable products can save billions of carbon emission every year.

Walking or riding cycles and bikes is another great option to stop global warming. Buying fuel efficient vehicles can reduce carbon emission to a larger extent. Also keeping the tyres properly inflated will definitely reduce the fuel consumption.

Taking part in plantation drive is a great way to check the carbon emission and global warming. A mature tree is capable of absorbing tonnes of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. Hence planting more trees will not only release more oxygen into the atmosphere but will definitely have a positive impact in maintaining the overall health of the planet.

Effective strategies to prevent the Adversities of Global Warming and Pollution
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Effective strategies to prevent the Adversities of Global Warming and Pollution
Prevention of global warming is the immediate measure to transform the deteriorating planet into a sustainable place orelse the adversities of climate change and pollution can wreak havoc across the globe leading to mass extinction.
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Global Warming Political Union
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