Electric Cars: Are They a Real Green Alternative to Conventional Cars

Planning to buy an electric car to save big on costs and eliminate carbon emissions? It not only will help you enjoy a seamless ride but also take a step against global warming. No more gasoline-powered vehicles that emit a huge amount of greenhouse gases. Well, kudos to you for genuinely caring about global warming but, before making the final call wait a moment and analyse whether buying an EV will be a propitious choice for one and all.

Electric vehicles do not release the environment-damaging carbon emissions and are comparatively easy-to-handle and noise-free. They host a myriad of potential advantages over conventional vehicles which, are being powered by gasoline or diesel. Needless to say that, considering the revelations on auto pollution, consumers have embraced EVs as a promising option for curbing the effects of global warming and climate change.

EVs: A Potential Contributor to Global Warming Prevention or a Myth?

The concept of electric cars are observed to be somewhat over hyped than what is being warranted. Though unlike normal fuel-driven vehicles, EVs do not spew huge amounts of greenhouse gases from the tailpipes, however,  it results in carbon emissions and pollution in several other ways. An EV leads to numerous environmental impacts based on their various life stages and while it is not true that they pump out fumes directly from the tailpipe, but, it doesn’t make them somewhat less damaging. Thus, here’s what you need to know to dig out the real truth.

Let’s keep it simple. An electric vehicle does not work on gas consumption, however, it might acquire the energy required by burning carbon. It depends on how the local grid creates electricity. If it uses coal-fired power plants for generating electricity, then only a small proportion of the total energy source will be left for powering the traditional vehicle options. However, if the local grid is powered by deploying a fair amount of renewable solar and wind energy, the electric vehicle will work in a pretty clean way.

Reports have started so far that an approx of 60% of the total amount of electricity being generated in the world is produced by burning of fossil fuels including coal and gas. It signifies that an electric vehicle generates almost a similar proportion of CO2 released by a petrol or diesel vehicle per kilometer. However, the scenario is somewhat better in Europe. For instance, in Belgium, electricity is mostly produced by using zero emission energy sources including nuclear power and renewable energy sources (solar power, hydropower and wind energy). This in turn, signifies that an  electric vehicle in Belgium will produce around 3-4 times less CO2  per kilometer compared to a conventional car.

Another significant aspect to consider is: an EV contributes to greenhouse emissions for an entire lifetime starting from manufacture, supply, utilisation to recycling. The process of manufacturing batteries demands a great deal of energy consumption, thereby generating a lot of pollution as well. Moreover, it requires a host of specific raw materials such as cobalt or lithium, which when extracted results in severe harm to the environment.

Final Word

EVs are certainly not as harmful as conventional fossil fuel-driven cars for the environment. Apart from substantial amounts of CO2 emissions, the latter one also emit other obnoxious air pollutants like Nitrogen Oxide, that are termed as carcinogenic. Considering the same, EVs are indeed a better path to follow for combating global warming and climate change. However, it is important to think judicious and reduce down our energy consumption to a minimum, where we make the most of our benefit by using public transportation.

Electric Cars: Are They a Real Green Alternative to Conventional Cars
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Electric Cars: Are They a Real Green Alternative to Conventional Cars
Electric cars have certainly emerged as a revolutionary concept, creating a buzz in the recent times for becoming a perfect environment-friendly alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles. However, it is important to rethink once and find out the exact utility of this striking invention.
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