Encouraging Transparency in Authorizing Climate Funds for Grassroots

The raging hullabaloo over climate change seems to die out as the idea to adapt to changing lifestyle trickles down to the lower rungs of the society. Let us not solely blame it on the lack of awareness, but the adequate funds required to switch over to a sustainable way of life. It incorporates using green energy, scrapping use of fossil fuel, making a shift to consumption of locally available food to reduce carbon emission as well as cutting down on meat intake.

Thus, integrating change in our daily lives contribute towards reducing the looming dangers due to climate change and global warming provided communities receive prompt financial assistance as promised by Paris Agreements. Release of international funds and scaling up climate finances with the pivotal agenda to help it reach local people can indeed make a difference, taking care of their vulnerabilities.

However bringing about substantial change demands higher levels of transparency in sanction made by development banks or climate control programmes to equip locals and fund projects at the base level. They should then be allowed to undertake community action and enforce policies to suit their needs, which a bird’s eye view by experts fails to present. One of the random surveys by an environment agency rendered a shocking figure like that trickled to the local level inspite of dedicated allocation. Only 11% of the actual sum demarcated for risk mitigation actually reached the target population.

Few easy funding policies and practices promote finances for being fruitfully utilized at the community level:

• These include adaptation and development funds to support local projects aimed at alleviating the woes of households and communities.

• Issuing small scale grants are often instrumental in bringing about impactful transformation by aligning efforts of diverse segregated groups to work towards reversing effects of climate change and global warming in a significant manner

• Generous grants or loans encourage an effective finance model that promotes local private finances for supporting more community based innovation and experimentation to better living conditions. Local financing in the form of equity investments and guarantees promote a sustainable local growth model.

• Often a third party monitoring as adopted by international agencies, works as a yardstick to measure the development in due course of time, as well as, serves to be a caution to utilize the available resource to frame green solutions.

• On the occasion of deriving financial support for participatory models that encourages design, appraisal and evaluation by community, happens to yield positive developments in lines of strategizing climate control.

A few suggestive reforms might just prove instrumental in helping aid and climate finance to effectively reach the lower strata.

• This includes estimating the gross grant that finally reaches the communities, followed by setting a bold target mobilizing local financing.

• International funds can be effectively used to execute local programmes and improve their risk appetite for extending flexible aid towards effective resulted oriented frameworks.

• Supervising and choosing apt managerial heads who can preside upon the sanctioned fund taking stock of irregularities.

Therefore, the aforementioned alternatives sends across a hint, how even on being a commoner, communities can strategically combat the indomitable impact of global warming by putting up a progressive front in using available climate funds in the most responsible manner.

Encouraging Transparency in Authorizing Climate Funds for Grassroots
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Encouraging Transparency in Authorizing Climate Funds for Grassroots
Even on communities being well informed about the hovering threats of global warming, they are barely left with options due to unavailability of adequate climate funds. When vulnerable communities raise their demands for sanctions and take stock of funds being wasted in the way of trickling down, it will definitely usher a transition towards sustainable future.
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Global Warming Political Union
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