Enlightened Brains Unite to Mitigate the Menace of Global Warming

Addressing the adverse effects of global warming that is increasingly taking a toll on the ecological balance, ranks among the priority actions that can ensure a sustainable future ahead. Besides the adaptation principles being integrated in our lives organically, we need technological intervention too in order to attain faster and more compelling results that can manifest its degree of excellence in restoring balance in the rampant disorder raging worldwide.

The last decade witnessed significant historical innovations evolving and shining with all its might to limit global warming and climate change. Eminent people pitched in investments for promising solutions driven by technology. Although it will be wrong to say they did it without the considering returns, it is definitely true that their investment on human merit fetched returns that served as a contribution towards society at large. A few momentous and noteworthy manifestations happen to be:

Building Smart Cities

Every element that facilitates survival today demands use of power, lighting and temperature regulation indoors, be it in residential or commercial spaces. This contributes up to 20% of the total emissions in the world. To save wastage integrating digital technologies claims to prove helpful. In fact, managing traffic congestions through digital intervention is another key component of the ongoing experiment to reduce stress on urban ecosystem.

Food Production

It is indeed a challenge to produce food for over 7 billion people without any carbon emissions, especially when it comes to meat. Although research is underway, scientists have formulated methods to develop lab grown meat and produce alternatives that resemble the real. In fact, among the successful innovations a plant based meat burger seems to attract all the attention. It has been made out of peas protein and has demanded good investment to reach the platter.

Nuclear Power Generation

Pledging zero carbon emissions while producing electricity, a commercially viable nuclear power plant is not only a cost effective alternative but also safe for the environment, emitting just helium as an exhaust. In the absence of long lived radioactive waste, a negligible meltdown scenario and the presence of enough fusion fuel promotes the plant to be functional for hundreds of years from now.


Using petrol and diesel in transportation invariably results in 23% of global carbon emissions.  The ever rising need for automobiles have only worsened the scenario and seems to continue doing so in the long run until an alternative is designed to power the vehicles. Considering the situation, groups of scientists have invented battery operated vehicles which function with similar efficiency, offering a speed that is way more than the pickup in vehicles currently. A supercapacitator, 10,000 times more powerful than the present, has even replaced the conventional battery alternative and is considered to be a breakthrough. These battery operated lctric cars need not charge vehicles now and then, supporting travel at least up to a distance of 1000 km at a go.


Making of consumer durables puts a tremendous pressure on the environment, contributing up to 30% of global carbon emissions. To redress the concern, companies are focusing on carbon engineering. This aims extracting carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and employing it to produce fuel. Direct capture serves in removal of carbon way more than that sequestrated by trees, thus protecting the cause of global warming and climate change from taking a toll on human life. Successful demonstrations have established that the process can remove at least 1 ton carbon dioxide from the air.

Breakthrough Energy Coalition is stepping up to invest considerable resources in order to develop sustainable technological innovations and healing mechanisms that reserves potential to help our environment survive the changing and challenging times.

Enlightened Brains Unite to Mitigate the Menace of Global Warming
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Enlightened Brains Unite to Mitigate the Menace of Global Warming
Incessant research and development has manifested the worth of technological innovations in bringing about a substantial transition in the way we live and has contributed towards a better tomorrow.
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Global Warming Political Union
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