Extreme Weather Events Due to Global Warming and Climate Change

The planet is experiencing extreme weather condition and climatic events like heat waves, coastal flooding, severe droughts, rising sea levels and abrupt precipitation due to global warming. This alarming situation has a far reaching impact on human health and overall environment.

Huge emission of greenhouse gases and excess penetration of the ultraviolet rays lead to the serious rising in earth’s temperature resulting in the meltdown of ice sheets. Most mountain glaciers are shrinking or disappearing causing deficiency in fresh water supply.    The recent environmental report is depicting an alarming rise in the global sea level creating a havoc in the coastal regions submerging many areas and small islands.

The adverse impact of climate change and global warming  is also having a direct impact on the global precipitation cycle. The abrupt changes in the precipitation pattern is likely to increase the chances of severe droughts and deluge in different parts of the world. This extreme condition is not only disrupting the ecological balance of the planet but is also hampering the growth and economy of a nation as whole. The western part of the world specially Europe and North America is suffering the worst consequences of climate change.

The year 2018 has been a warmer year for Europe, with highest temperature recorded nearly around 48 degree celsius while many part of North America is severely affected by powerful cyclones and flood.

There has been a stagnant rise in the earth’s temperature over the last two decades caused by the heat trapping emission due to the burning of coal and fossil fuels. Higher level of water evaporation creates unfavourable climatic conditions resulting in heavy downpour and snowstorm in many countries. The adverse consequences of Climate change and global warming is affecting the global tornado phenomenon and intensity. Surprising environmental report is indicating towards an increasing outbreak of powerful tornadoes and change in their formation pattern. A warmer planet and climate change is also having an adverse effect on the timing of tornadoes in various region. Multiple researches proved that the soaring planet is likely to increase the number of tornadoes in many regions.

The more our planet will get hotter it will result in extreme weather events and climatic weather. The extreme heat waves across Europe this year is an unusual event that is being considered as the negative impact of abrupt climate change. Global warming is increasing the temperature in the polar regions resulting in the melting of ice sheets.

Climate change and global warming is not only leading to hazardous weather conditions like drought, flash floods and wildfire but is also having a direct impact on human health and safety. Serious conditions of drought and wildfire is having a devastating effect on the access to sufficient clean water resulting in death and serious diseases. Whereas heavy shower causing streams and river to overflow contaminating the drinking water reserve resulting in waterborne disease and epidemic.

Climate change and the degrading weather condition promises a threatening future. The devastating weather condition due to global warming is a challenging situation faced by everyone in recent decades requires immediate attention and action.

Extreme Weather Events Due to Global Warming and Climate Change
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Extreme Weather Events Due to Global Warming and Climate Change
Global warming is increasing at a rapid rate resulting in devastating weather and climatic events across the globe. Local communities and governments must adopt immediate measures to check global temperature and ensure a global climatic stability.
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Global Warming Political Union
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