How Far the Recent Developments Can Mitigate Environmental Damage in 2018

Three months have already gone by now and we are still perplexed with the question on whether the devastating environmental aftermaths of global warming are about to worsen further or reduce to a considerable extent because of the implementation of result-driven initiatives. Environmentalists are on the real quest of deciphering the course of some of the most troubling trends such as rising carbon emissions and multiple natural disasters in this year. Keeping this in mind, here we would like to discuss on some of the significant stories related to global warming during 2018.

Rate of Air Pollution Surging High

Air pollution is considered to be one of the most top and environmental and health risks because of which, the Government is trying to induce new and better technologies to cope with this growing crisis. China has already started limiting their level of steel production and minimizing the use of coal, as a result of which, the rate of air pollution in Beijing has dropped by 20% in 2017. Apart from the same, many nations have initiated policies including city and national action plans and setting new cleaner fuel standards.

The Fate of Oil

Despite the recent rise in renewable energy development for mitigating the effects of global warming and climate change, oil companies holds a position within top 12 companies of the world in terms of revenue. Now, the question lies; will they make a shift towards a greener perspective? World’s leading automobile companies are producing electric vehicle fleets whereas, many nations like Norway, UK, France and the Netherlands have banned the gasoline-power vehicles after 2040. Numerous shareholder resolutions have advised oil companies to adopt sustainable practices by disclosing their associated climate risks and some of them have already started to implement the same as well.

Water Crisis

Often people consider global economics and sociopolitical dynamics as the major impetus behind serious humanitarian crisis. Keeping them aside, water scarcity and stress has also been identified as another underreported and underlying trigger. Drying up of the Lake Chad resulted in the relocation of around 2 million people and due to lack of proper intervention, the situation is gradually worsening further. However, the world is making significant progress in surveilling the world’s water level. Thus, the question lies, can these early earnings be able to prevent future conflict? The UN Security Council might launch a climate resolution by the end of this year to recognize the role of water scarcity in conflict prevention. Furthermore, other evolving platforms have started providing relevant data for supporting better resource management. This will help in evaluating the present and future level of water stress and analyzing the potential impact of water availability on agriculture around the whole world.

The time of action has arrived and so, we certainly need to be more rational, more sensible and lead a sustainable lifestyle to combat against global warming and climate change. Businesses should implement and execute groundbreaking, effective sustainable operational practices, governments should set more stringent standards and policies on environmental welfare to promote our world as greener and cleaner.

How Far the Recent Developments Can Mitigate Environmental Damage in 2018
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How Far the Recent Developments Can Mitigate Environmental Damage in 2018
With the carbon emissions surging up high, environmentalists have started monitoring the progress of environment-friendly initiatives being undertaken this year and its impact on mitigating the effects of global warming.
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Global Warming Political Union
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