Global Support in Helping Pacific Islanders to Combat Climate Change

Island nations have undeniably been one of the major victims of climate change. The rising sea levels and heavy rainfall have led to massive occurrences of floods and eroded shorelines. Adding to its terror, the increasing amount of acidic oceans are destructing coral reefs which, are known to support fisheries and fascinate tourists. Considering all these circumstances, some island communities have also started moving to relocate as well.

Many of the Pacific Islands are disappearing due to rising sea levels and erosion. Five reef islands of the Solomon Islands have already dispersed whereas, another six of them are completely eroded. The Nuatambu islands have already lost around 50% of its inhabitable area because of climate change. The Kiribati, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu and Tokelau are at an alarming state, as stated by environmentalists.

Coming out of Vulnerable Zones

Many renowned development agencies such as the World Bank and U.S Agency for International Development are preparing a series of fund projects to offer effective aid to different Island states for adapting as per climate changes. By deploying certain sustainable solutions for promoting global warming prevention such as levees and sea walls, installing alarming systems due to floods and replanting coastal mangroves, the turbulences of climate change can be somewhat dealt with. However, many communities have already relocated or planning to relocate from their flood-prone habitats so far which, is quite an economically and socially disruptive process.

Strikingly, the Fijian Government has implemented a proactive approach to meet the climate-related needs financially. In Oct 2017, they became the first nation for issuing a Sovereign Green Bond by raising $50 million to provide sufficient funds for implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. The funds are completely used for different kinds of environment-sustenance projects including promotion of low-carbon usage and climate-resilient growth. These projects are undeniably potential enough for the investors who are seeking to enhance their portfolios as being socially responsible like pension funds. Moreover, some of the funds raised from these bonds have also being used for empowering more resilient village communities.

Local Adaptations

Moving to a new distant location is certainly a quite daunting process as it requires the islanders for having social contacts and income sources in the locations, where they are about to relocate. Moreover, some of these sort of decisions might drive the migrants to face greater climate risks such as shifting to the urban coastal areas which, are exposed to flooding. They have started pursuing a set of effective global warming prevention and adaptation strategies based on their accumulated knowledge.

The United Nations along with its associates are working with the constant urge of driving development, which is environmentally and economically sustainable. This, in turn, have helped mankind in minimizing the number of people that might have to relocate to other locations.

Global Support in Helping Pacific Islanders to Combat Climate Change
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Global Support in Helping Pacific Islanders to Combat Climate Change
The existence of Pacific Island nations are at great risk while, exposed to numerous environmental inconsistencies due to climate change. While considering all these aftermaths, many nations have already started practicing smarter initiatives to plan a better future.
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Global Warming Political Union
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