Global Warming

I am convinced that pollution is seriously affecting our climate. If you are of the same opinion, and are not prepared to wait for our Australian government to do what is necessary to reduce pollution, I suggest that we in Perth West Australia, and you, wherever you may live in the world, set up a not for profit renewable energy supply scheme, a scheme where we eventually end up having free electricity.

I would like you to help organise a committee in Perth WA to buy solar panels, purchasing panels directly from a factory in China will save us hundreds of dollars each when we by panels for our roofs, we can arrange electrical contractors to fit panels onto your roof at a lower cost if we have many panels to be fitted onto many rooves. Please phone Eric Hannaford on 0403 498 712 and help build a committee with the goal to reducing our pollution.

Where are you getting your climate change information?
Are you getting your global warming information from a reliable source? This is essential.
Are you getting your information from people who have a vested interest?

Be aware of people on TV on radio and people editing newspapers who tell lies about global warming, especially when they may have a vested interest in manipulating you into thinking and believing in a particular view point and in a way that suits them.

I heard that when carbon dioxide from coal, petrol and gas is released into our atmosphere, it stays in our atmosphere for one hundred years.

Do you think it is impossible for coal gasses that are released from coal when it is burnt in an electricity power plant can change our climate?

It will be much better for us to organise large groups to do this because we can drive down the price by buying panels and turbines in bulk. We may need to register a business to do this.

The majority of us know how much our electricity bills have risen in the last 10 years it makes good economic sense for us to build our own energy electricity energy supply system.

Do you think it is possible for the coal gases that are being released into our atmosphere from coal powered electricity plants can alter our climate? In your opinion, are people contributing to global warming????

If our government were to say to large businesses like McDonalds, “you must supply 40% of your electricity by 2020,” they would all pool some of their profit to build either a wind farm, wave generator or cover their car parks with solar panels to produce electricity.

McDonalds, Woolworths, Coles and business like Bunnings will be able to turn the purchasing of materials to provide their one electricity into a profitable business if the government stop subsidising their electricity.

It is time for our government to say that by 2020 all Australian businesses must be producing at list 40% of the energy they use where it is financially possible for businesses to do this, depending on their profits for the year.

Who do you trust?

The people who were monitoring the quality of the air people where breathing in America for many years discovered that when the American government banned all aviation flights immediately after the September 11 Trade Centre bombing, all air quality in America improved dramatically within a very short time.

We have been using and squandering oil and gas for the last one hundred years because people last century drive cars with much bigger engines than they need to plus it took an awful long time for car companies to make cars with lower fuel consumption.

I have been told that all the oil in the ground will be gone within one hundred years if we continue using oil at the same rate as we are today.

Where is our alternative energy research?

Mobile phone technology has jumped through the roof. Where is our global warming research money for alternative energy research? We will have to raise it.

Scientists have been talking about parts per billion for many years. I consider this to be a severe drawback for scientists and people who are trying to make their point of view heard. Myself and other people cannot understand how such a minuscule amount can have such diabolical consequences?
What are parts per billion and why do so many people seem to think parts per billion are irrelevant when it comes to climate change debates?

We do not need to let ourselves become disappointed, upset, feel overwhelmed or get depressed because of global warming. All we need to do is to come together and look at what we need to do in a co-operative and bipartisan manner to make positive change.

When Adolf Hitler wanted to create a nuclear bomb, he got a few scientists together and within a relatively short time, he came up with the formula to create a bomb. This wasn’t so difficult, it was just a matter of people coming together to work on the same project, which is what we need to do to reduce pollution in our atmosphere.

People who were born about half a century ago can see how our climate has changed over the last 30 years. Teenagers can only see the environment as it is today, and they have no idea of the way things were 30 years ago. I have written a story about two frogs below in an attempt to point out that some people can foresee the potential danger ahead, rather than just cruising along with a carefree attitude to their detriment. In other words, the people who feel the need to do something about climate change are not going to be saved unless everybody has a vested interest in this and pulls together.

A scientist put two frogs into a cooking pot to see if and when they would jump out. He knew that if the water was too hot, the frogs would try to jump out immediately, so he put them into a fairly large pot with enough water to cover their bodies, leaving their heads out of the water.

The scientist put the heat on a very low temperature to see when the frogs would jump out of the pot then turned up the temperature slowly. Frog A realised that the increasing temperature was a bad thing and jumped out of the pot immediately. Frog B, who couldn’t see the danger, stayed in the pot. Consequently, he died as he wasn’t aware that all he needed to do was jump out before it was too late.

As the temperature of the water in the pot rose so slowly, Frog B didn’t realise the necessity to jump out until it was too late, as his leg muscles had become so weak from the rising water temperature, he was unable to jump out of the pot.

I have heard people say that if we are damaging our environment then our children will be able to clean it up and repair it. What makes some people think that if we are damaging our planet that our children will be able to repair it?
We can’t cure HIV, we can’t cure the common cold and we can’t cure all cancers – how are our children going to turn our planet back to the way it was if we are damaging it?
Do you remember highly paid executives working for tobacco corporations saying that tobacco is not killing people? Currently coalmining barons are saying that pollution from coal is not causing any harm to the environment. Are we going to continue believing what the highly paid coal corporation executives and their lobbyists are telling us when they tell us that coal cannot alter our climate?
People buy life insurance, car insurance and home insurance. Why are some people not prepared to spend a little money on ensuring that our planet remains healthy?

Some people appear to be terrified just to think our planet is in difficulty. There is no need for people to feel depressed – we can save our planet if people stop telling lies and stop spreading misinformation.

We in Australia have a talkback radio host who is twisting the truth. To my knowledge, that is doing considerably more harm to the global warming debate.

How can we have an honest, open debate when people knowingly tell lies?
Global Warming to be worked on

It took a billion years or hundreds of millions of years for our climate to build up the oil and gas reserves that we are using.

What will the people living in a hundred and ten years be using to produce their energy?
In ninety years’ time when the coal and gas is almost run out and if we do nothing to dramatically build alternative energy supplies, how much do you think your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying for a litre of petrol? Ten thousand dollars a litre?

We have likely released half of the billion years or hundreds of millions of years of coal and gas that was put into the ground by our atmosphere, growing trees which died of old age then returned to the soil. This must have happened many millions of times when you consider the depth of the coal in coalmines. Our planet did this for a billion years or more.

If it took a billion years for our atmosphere to put all this coal and gas into our planet, do you not think we may be releasing far too much coal and gas poisons into our atmosphere far too quickly for our atmosphere to handle such a rapid change to our atmosphere?
How many large trees do you think it has taken for our planet and its atmosphere to produce one litre of petrol? Three trees or a hundred thousand trees?

A man on the Australian ABC TV program The New Inventors demonstrated a car exhaust system that reduced car poisons exhaust gasses from entering into our atmosphere that a car pumps out of its exhaust tailpipe by close to 100%. These exhaust systems only cost $1,000 fitted to a new car. Our politicians seem to be dragging their feet and are more concerned with what lobbyists say as opposed to what our scientists are telling us.

Over the life of a new car, where the average number of kilometres travelled could be around 300,000 kilometres, the cost of fitting this exhaust is too small to calculate per kilometre travelled over the life of a car. $1,000 divided into 300,000 kilometres will cost the driver, if my calculations are correct, 0.0033333 cents per kilometre. If this is correct, why are these exhausts not fitted to our new cars? We went from leaded petrol in our cars to unleaded petrol to clean up our air and help reduce pollution in our environment, so why have our politicians stopped trying to clean our environment?

The answers to stop global warming are most likely in front of us. A man died in the Australian Gibson Desert. All four of the wheel nuts unscrewed themselves from one of a car’s wheels because the mechanic did not do them up tight enough and the driver could not find any wheel nuts when he walked back along the road looking for them. If he had taken one wheel nut off the three remaining wheels that were on his car, he would have had three wheel nuts to put the wheel that came off his car back on to his car and if he had driven slowly, he would have been able to have driven to safety.

It appears all the answers that we need to stop man-made global warming are in front of us; all we need to do is to look for them.

Who will win in Australia? The Australian Prime Minister and the mega rich coal-mining corporations who are planning on exporting tens of billions of dollars worth of coal around the world that is, and will continue to poison our planet?
Sea level rising caused by global warming

When our Labor government said they were not going to pay subsidies to farmers, the Australian farmers, along with the CSIRO, got serious and pulled the Australian farmers into the world’s best farming practice, considering the poor quality of soil we have in Australia, especially when you consider the power soil quality in WA if Australian farmers are not the best in the world they bust be very close.

If our government did not say no subsidies to farmers and if our farmers did not work together with the CIRSO we would not have one of the world best farming practises.

I cannot see how our farmers would have become so innovative with their farming practices if our Labour government had not said no subsidies, no subsidies mennt that our farmers where not going to be

Our Labour government is now doing something smaller to reduce global warming

Our present electricity policy is not fair. People who cannot afford an air conditioner are helping to pay the electricity bills for people who cannot afford an air conditioner through subsidies.

It is time for our government to say, people who buy an air conditioner should have solar panels fitted to their house if they are having an air conditioner fitted to their house.

Are we Australians honestly expected to believe that our politicians are going to replace our coal burning electricity producing power plants with solar power and wind turbines?

Have you ever tried to grow a seed unsuccessful, graft a branch from one tree onto another tree and been unsuccessful, these things are very difficult because our nature and our environment are very finely balanced.
Doctors try to get women pregnant using IVF They can not find anything roug with the women but the doctors can not see why she is not becoming pregnant nature is so finely balanced that sometimes women can not become pregnant.
With the amount of pollution we have been pumping into our environment from coal powered electricity plants for the last hundred years how is it possible for us not to have been causing our climate to change.

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