How Global Warming is Adversely Affecting Human Health

With the steady rise in global temperatures, our climate is changing fast. Global warming has been showing us some alarming signs and risks related to human health is one of the most terrifying among them. With the rapid climatic changes, the occurrences of appalling natural calamities including heat waves, intense storms, wildfires and floods, the risks associated with illness, injury and death are increasing. To sum up, our existence is under severe threat of global warming and so, we must implement effectual changes to prevent the situation from getting more worse.

The effects of global warming on human health are multifold. Adhering the same, here we would like to discuss on what major destructive factors are affecting the human health.

Allergens and similar-like nuisances

With the gradual increase in global temperature and level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, plants are growing faster, maturing faster and even producing more number of potent allergens. Some of the most common allergens like ragweed respond well to the higher levels of carbon dioxide alike pesky plants like poison ivy. The allergy-related diseases are known as the most chronic and common diseases which, can lead to lower productivity of human beings.

Communicable diseases

Scientists are predicting a world with rising temperatures in the future which, would bring change to the ‘disease vectors’; the mechanisms which, can cause the spread of diseases. Insects that have previously been stopped during the winters are mostly moving to higher latitudes. The surface waters, warmer oceans might also result in severe cholera attacks and presence of harmful bacteria in different types of seafood. However, the changes in ability of public health systems and land usage have made it more difficult for projecting the risks of vector-borne diseases.

Natural Disasters

The predictable change in precipitation temperature levels due to the effects of global warming is leading us to severe adverse effects which, will threaten human safety and health. The prolonged heat and fluctuating precipitation patterns are increasing the chances of more number of droughts that would lead would lead us to face more wildfires, thereby putting the inhabitants in danger.  Moreover, the warm atmosphere holds more amount of moisture and thus, the chances of heavy rainfall and floods will continue to rise. In many of the densely populated regions, a rise in sea levels will lead people into the path of coastal flooding and storm surges. Warmer ocean waters will lead to more occurrences of intense tropical typhoons and hurricanes while the ocean cycles will continue to affect the frequency of tropical cyclones.

Unfathomable Heat

If warm temperatures are combined with high level of humidity for a number of days and the nighttime temperature do not fall mostly, then extreme heat can be severely dangerous for mankind. Rising temperature is one of the major climate-related projections as reported by many scientists. Needless to say that the phenomenon of rising temperatures is greatly influenced by human behaviour. Thus, the fewer heat-trapping emissions being released, the cooler we will be able to keep our planet.

The vital key to combat this serious issue of human existence is through making investments in development of public health strategies and infrastructure. This, in turn, will help mankind to act more resilient in preventing the world from becoming warmer.

How Global Warming is Adversely Affecting Human Health
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How Global Warming is Adversely Affecting Human Health
This article will of great help for the readers to understand how global warming is affecting human health and questioning our existence itself.
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