Global Warming and Climate Change

With the steep rise in global temperatures and impact of climate change rapidly intensifying, the air quality of our planet is been highly affected. Alike the manifold severe impacts of global warming and climate change that have affected different facets of human lives, breathing can also be a challenge for mankind.

Scientists from different corners of the world have stated that with the rise in carbon emissions, our atmosphere is getting polluted with smog and pollen production. Resultantly, it is becoming difficult for us to breathe clean, pure air. Changing rainfall patterns and steep rise in heat-trapping CO2 are further adding to this appalling natural phenomenon. Adhering the same, here we would like to emphasise on some of the most terrifying ways by which, global warming and climate change are affecting air quality.

Pollen proliferation

Carbon dioxide and temperature levels are making records over the years as a result of which, plants are producing more amount of pollen grains. This is further triggering various health issues including runny noses, itchy eyes, respiratory problems, scratchy throats, asthma and other types of allergies.

Increased level of mold produce

With drastic climate changes, apart from the rise of rainfall patterns across the world, occurrences of other natural calamities including storms are also rising. Resultantly, the establishments which, are being damaged because of these destructive natural events are harbouring more amount of moisture thereby, leading us to face mould growth. Furthermore, increased humidity, rising sea levels and coastal floods are exposing more homes to mould growth. Typically, mould can almost grow on anywhere including carpet, paper and food. These instances are leading us to suffer from different types of rashes, wheezing and eye irritation especially for people who are prone to face allergies.

Increase in Smog Emission levels

The sunlight fused with air pollution is leading to the creation of ground-level smog which, is no more limited to metropolitan areas. The rural regions and suburban communities are experiencing a steady rise in smog levels over the years which, signifies that the level of industrial smog is increasing.

Increased Wildfires

With the impact of global warming and climate change intensifying high, the situation of drier areas is worsening further. Smoke released due to fires typically travels far downwind which is severely affecting people living near to the flames. Thus, the occurrences of wildfires are surging which, is becoming a severe threat to the existence of wildlife.

Mankind is encountering severe threats because of drastic climate changes and degradation of air quality is one of them. Thus, purifying the air is of paramount importance these days which, will lead us to restricting the Earth to lead to its extinction and preserve the environment for the future generations to come.

Global Warming and Climate Change
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Global Warming and Climate Change
Climate change is immensely affecting the air we breathe and making it adverse for mankind to sustain. Read our blog to find out how the shifting weather patterns are degrading the quality of the air present in our atmosphere.
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