Global Warming Leading the Earth to Experience its Sixth Mass Extinction

Global Warming: Driving Our Planet to its Sixth Mass Extinction

Almost half of the living species of the planet are trying hard to cope with the appalling impact of global warming and avoid extinction. Time over time, the planet has observed a series of extinction events because of which the entire ecosystem has been shaken.

Many researchers have extracted the geological records and have deciphered that the planet had experienced massive volcanic activities which, have resulted in global warming of the planet’s atmosphere along with oxygen depletion and acidification in the oceans of the Earth. Some of the other destructive mechanisms included ozone layer damage, acid rain, toxic metal poisoning and enhanced ultraviolet radiation.

The latter mechanisms are also considered as the after-effects of human-induced climate change, which we have been noticing for the last few decades. However, down the line when a future geologist will back into the planet’s natural record for after a million years, the picture might look quite similar to him. It would look like a massive mass extinction event while considering the biodiversity changes and traces of huge number of die-offs because of global warming and climate change.

By now, many researchers have been able to find out that the world has experienced five destructive mass extinction events so far and terrifyingly, the sixth one is on its way. Following here is a glimpse on the aftermaths of these extinctions.

The Ordovician-Silurian extinction: Extinction of around 60% of marine genera and 25% marine families which took place around 439 million years ago.

The Late Devonian Extinction: Mass extinction including major suffering of the marine species which took place around 364 million years ago.

The Permian-Triassic extinction: Known as the worst Mass extinction event, it took place around 251 million years and affected around 95% of all species, 84% of marine genera and 70% land species including flora and fauna.

The End Triassic extinction: It took place within 199-214 million years ago which, occurred because of massive volcanic eruptions that triggered the opening of the Atlantic Ocean and breakup of Panagea. This resulted in deadly global warming and climate change and caused an extinction of 52% of marine genera and 22% of marine families.

The Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction: Occurred around 65 million years ago, that caused the extinction of 47% of marine genera, 16% of marine families and 18% of land vertebrates (including the Gigantic Dinosaurs).

Beware! The Sixth Mass Extinction is on its Way

After going through an overview of these five mass extinctions, you might be overwhelmed to know that the sixth one is on the verge to arrive. The more terrifying instance is; the extinction rate this time is severely high than the normal rate of extinction so far. Instead of a large volcanic or meteorite eruption, the rapid downturn of biodiversity which is gradually leading us to the sixth mass extinction is occurring because of some major environment-harming human activities including:

• Pollution

• Human Overpopulation

• Over-harvesting including fishing and hunting

• Natural habitat destruction

The Giant Panda, Mountain Gorilla, Leatherback Turtle, Pacific Walrus, Bluefin Tuna, Javan Rhinoceros are some of the most prominent names among the hundreds and hundreds of species that are about to vanish from our planet in the near future. Moreover, with the rising sea levels and rapid occurrence of natural calamities, global warming has started giving us alarming signs from the past few decades. Thus, it has become a top priority for mankind; the most civilized creature that has ever lived on the planet, to protect the wholeness of species inventory and save them from getting extinct.

Global Warming: Driving Our Planet to its Sixth Mass Extinction
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Global Warming: Driving Our Planet to its Sixth Mass Extinction
This article provides readers with a detailed overview on how the awful impact of global warming and climate change is leading our planet to face its sixth mass extinction.
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