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How Global Warming Led to Mass Extinction During the Prehistoric Age

The upsurge of global warming dates back to few centuries back. The statement might seem to be quite implausible to you but, researchers have recently found out the fact the first animals of the Earth triggered a chain of catastrophic events that led to mass extinction. Yes, surprisingly the prehistoric animals drastically changed the word where they live, for which things went terribly upside down for them. In context to it, human beings are doing the same to the Earth now.

The growth of first worm-like organisms at the bottom of sea led to massive amount of global warming and climate change which, ultimately led to their downfall. Dating back to more than 500 million years ago, these animals used to burrow down the seafloor, thereby leaving the fossilized burrows which, serve as the mere evidence of their existence now.

During the burrowing process, a chain of wriggling movements were being generated that got mixed with the various layers of organic material, which were been allowed to assembled previously without breaking down completely. The tiny creatures living on the seabed mainly mix, disturb and recycle the dead organic materials – and this process is termed as bioturbation. Though these actions can be considered to be much petite and trivial initially, however, the consequences are quite big as because this disruption of underwater sediments resulted in rapid breakdown of organic matter. Furthermore, it will ultimately result into a massive change in the ocean floor, thereby transforming that into a bioturbated state from an undisturbed state. This will lead to a series of significant environmental shifts.

As per the concepts and conventions of global biogeochemistry, the impact of bioturbation influenced the evolution process of animals via high atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, increased ocean anoxia, global warming and climate change. Thus, collectively it resulted in a chain of perilous events of mass extinction. The most crucial factor for researchers is to dig out the fact that these massive changes mainly took place at the minutestlevel of animal activities.

Researchers have further drawn the conclusion that; the Earth will be perturbed with a series of appalling mass extinctions during the next 100 million years, thereby causing major damage to the lives of primitive inhabitants. The conclusion that can be drawn from this phenomenon is; with the modern environment getting warmer because of increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and significant parts of the oceans losing their oxygen levels drastically, we are moving rapidly towards a chain of disastrous mass extinction events.

How Global Warming Led to Mass Extinction During the Prehistoric Age
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How Global Warming Led to Mass Extinction During the Prehistoric Age
With the scientists digging more deep into the concept of global warming, a striking phenomenon has been observed that the earliest animals were the first to trigger global warming which, further led to massive mass extinction.
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Global Warming Political Union
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