Global Warming Prevention

Majority of the nations across the globe count on fossil fuels naming oil, natural gas and coal to meet their energy needs. However, needless to say that this is one of the biggest reasons of global warming and climate change as when burnt, these non-renewable energy sources lead to massive carbon emissions. Thus, scientists and environmentalists are becoming greatly reliant on other alternative energy sources which are environment-friendly and sustainable to promote global warming prevention.

Here we would like to throw light on some of the most popular and efficient sources of alternative energy sources.

Solar Energy

The sun is known to be the most unfettered and power energy source which, can cater all your energy needs including lighting, heating, cooling, electricity generation, water heating and a range of other industrial processes. We can continually harvest the solar energy by different evolving technologies including mirror arrays, photovoltaic cells and water-heating rooftop pipes.


A powerful source can be generated from the water while they flow downstream. Water is one of the major renewable resources which stays recharged all the time because of the evaporation and precipitation cycle. The water in oceans and lakes evaporate and form clouds because of the sun’s heat. Thereafter, the water falls back to our planet Earth in the form of rain or snow. The flowing water from the rivers and streams to the oceans is being used for powering the water wheels which, is driven through mechanical processes. The energy is further captured by turbines and generators which, is stored and used for meeting different types of energy needs.

Wind energy

Wind energy is being into use for centuries from now to sail the ships and power the windmills for grinding grain. Nowadays, this energy is being stored in the wind turbines and generate electricity.  Being a versatile source, wind generates kinetic energy which, is created when any mass is on a state of motion. By utilising the right technology and equipment, we can capture this kinetic energy and convert into various other forms of energy like mechanical power or electricity.

Geothermal energy

Heat inside the Earth produces steam and hot water which, can be utilized for powering generators and producing electricity. They are even used for other various applications like power generation for industrial purposes and home heating. This energy source is generated by drilling the deep underground reservoirs and other geothermal reservoirs which, are close to the surface. It is mainly being utilised for heating and cooling both the commercial and residential buildings.

By now, it has been proven that consumption of fossil fuels are contributing to global warming because of huge carbon emissions and thus, we need to shift our focus from them to consumption to renewable energy sources for promoting environment sustenance. Apart from the aforesaid, there are many other forms of energy including biomass energy, hydrogen and ocean energy which can be utilised for meeting our energy needs in a sustainable way.

Global Warming Prevention
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Global Warming Prevention
This article will emphasis in providing a comprehensive overview to the readers on different alternative sources of energy which are efficient in meeting all types of energy needs sustainably and prevent global warming.
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Global Warming Political Union
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