How Global Warming is Taking a Toll on the Australian Rural Community

Mankind along with other living forms of the planet has been facing massive turmoil because of global warming and the situation is likely to worsen further. Australia, being the sixth largest country of the world exhibits a rich variety of flora and fauna and diverse topographies, which are getting profoundly affected by the rise in average temperatures.

Recent reports have revealed that climate change is drastically taking a toll on the regional and rural communities which, is gradually widening the gap in between urban and rural areas in terms of economic, social and health impacts. Let’s elucidate on how climate change and global warming is bringing a massive change to the lifestyle of rural community in Australia.

Regional and rural communities are affected inordinately by the plunge of global warming

● With the global temperature rising high, the chances of extreme weather occurrences like droughts and bushfires in regional and rural communities are increasing.

● Bigwigs of the agricultural firms with their operations penetrating in the rural regions have either deployed their financial reserves or have taken loans to deal with the increasing extremity of weather events.

● The entire agricultural sector of Australia is exhibiting signifying signs of reducing capacity levels, declining productivity gains and stability of various other rural concerns is facing a serious threat.

Regional and rural areas are trying to adapt as per the effect of climate change but, while compromising with costs

● With the climate continuing to change, adaptation has become immensely challenging.

● Adaptative measures implemented by the rural people to cope with the fluctuating climate changes might be somewhat incremental, like change in sowing and harvesting dates, initiating cultivation of new types of crops and new varieties of livestock.

● Excessive transformational changes to cope with climate change and global warming might be quite expensive and risky, especially for the farmers.

● More options on substantial adaptation might involve modified production systems with rigorous changes or relocation to more convenient locations.

Rural communities of Australia are facing a major turbulence due to a plethora of frightful natural events including rising sea levels, irregular rainfall patterns and much more. Thus, the Federal Government has started implementing new measures for taking a stand against global warming.

How Global Warming is Taking a Toll on the Australian Rural Community
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How Global Warming is Taking a Toll on the Australian Rural Community
The Australian rural community is facing a serious question on its existence and with the impending effects on global warming, the situation is worsening further. Thus, sustainable living should be implemented forthwith to prevent this populace from heading towards extinction.
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Global Warming Political Union
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