Greenhouse Effect and Its Impact on Earth’s Climate.

The greenhouse effect is a term that people of the current generation is very much aware of. Though there are many who just know the term and have no clear idea about what it implies or what is greenhouse effect, there are many who are very aware and are worried about the effects. Most that people know about this particular term is that it has something to do with the change of earth’s climate and that due its effect the heat is increasing with each passing year. But nowadays the term has been discussed so much in different popular media forums that most lay person also knows what the term is all about and what the experts has to say about it. The change in the earth’s atmospheric composition which is directly responsible for the excess heating of our planet is basically referred to as the greenhouse effect. And surprisingly it is not nature that is responsible for this change. It is human activities throughout the ages that have led to the situation where the earth is facing several threats and is on the brink of extinction. There have been researches conducted on this and each report has been more disheartening than the previous one. It seems that all the scientific discoveries and industrial revolution has led to the sorry state where we are having to go backwards and sort of try to undo the effects of our own inventions of which we were so proud of.

It is human activities that are responsible for this greenhouse effect and this has been proved time and again through various researches as mentioned before.  There has been evidence that the burning of fossil fuels mainly coal and oil are the biggest contributors in effecting the earth’s atmosphere and the changes that have affected the climate in various ways. The immediate effects have been already there and have been felt by the populace. The rising sea levels which are creating tsunamis and major land slides, the droughts, and scanty rainfall, devastating floods are all there as warning signs and at last even the common man has started taking the matter seriously. There has been crippling effects on food production as the areas which were supposed to receive rainfalls at a certain time of the year are facing droughts, and the region which does not expect any rainfall are getting flooded at the wrong time. The predicted consequences of the greenhouse effect therefore have been and continue to be extremely serious and the scientists are predicting a grim future if something is not done very quickly to revert the effects. There are many coastal areas which have already disappeared under water, and there is no sign that once there was human inhabitation in those areas, such is the effect of the greenhouse.

The gases like the carbon dioxide are the chief contributors to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide which is increasing day by day due to the population burst and also other industrial activities can actually absorb the infrared radiations which are dangerous and is like the heat that is radiating off from a very warm object. The natural cooling effect is turned upset as Carbon dioxide, and other gases to some extent absorb the radiation of the sunlight and actually restrict the escape of the heat at night when it should actually be thrown back into space in the form of infrared radiation, thus cooling the earth’s atmosphere.  This is not happening and hence the earth is experiencing heat waves and other natural calamities like never before. And all these are signs specifying what is green house effect, and that it is high time that we all sit up and take notice that a balance has to be struck between the two extremes, heat and cold.

Greenhouse Effect and Its Impact on Earth’s Climate.
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Greenhouse Effect and Its Impact on Earth’s Climate.
The presence of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is necessary for sustenance of life. However, over the recent few decades, this proportion is increasing which, is leading us to face the dreadful issue of global warming. Going through this blog will help you to know about the causes of greenhouse effect and ways to avoid it.
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