Welcome To Global Warming Political Union

The one topic that is being discussed the world over is global warming and its effect on climate and the change in our environment. The effects are far reaching and are being felt all across the globe and it is not localized in any specific part of the world.

The melting ice caps and the glaciers are the danger signs that have been ignored for a long time till it started to affect the way climate fluctuations started affecting the normal lives of common people. Now the situation has reached a point where everyone has started feeling the effects of global warming in their own backyards.
The things that are happening around the world may seem to be far away having no direct relation to us. But the fact of the matter is that the floods that we experience, the sudden hurricanes, the storms, and numerous such natural disasters happen as a direct result of the glacial melt, the rise in the sea level, which is threatening to drown the coastal towns and cities around the world. Though according to scientists and geologists that will probably take another 100 years to fully hit us and wipe out humanity but then, stop and think about what kind of future are we leaving for our children who most probably will be there to witness and suffer this catastrophe. It seems very far-fetched to even think or worry about such changes because this is not yet having a direct effect on our lives or are still manageable. There are various measures being taken by the engineers and the scientists to build earthquake proof buildings and bridges, and we are content with the idea that all this will be enough to tame nature. But that is an illusion that we are all happily immersed in and we are continuing to live our lives the way that is the most convenient and probably the most harmful for the environment.
But if we seriously think about the future then we will have to get out of our complacency and start making things right from this very moment. Because, whatever is happening right now, right here, will affect everyone in not so distant a future if immediate steps are not taken to undo the damage that we, human beings have been doing for centuries in the name of modernization, advancement and technological innovations and discoveries. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for if you really want to know what effects global warming is having on earth and how climate is changing drastically so that one day it will eliminate all signs of life and destroy the planet.