How To Stop Global Warming

The destructive impact of global warming and climate change are clear and loud which, can be addressed from several regions of the world. With the increase in global temperature, the sea levels are rising and global climate is changing fast which, is bringing a threat to our community. Addressing this severity of the hour, it has become of paramount importance to stop global warming by implementing a significant change to our lifestyle.

Practice Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

It is not ideal for mankind to dump the waste products on ground. Leftover food, plant products and vegetable dump undergo a process of anaerobic decomposition when the substances are being broken down into methane (a major greenhouse gas) instead of oxygen. Thus, to prevent global warming you must ensure that the products should be reused if possible and the wastage should be recycled to promote a healthy atmosphere.

Eco-friendly modifications for your Home

Power saving and insulation are two major considerable factors to prevent the effect of global warming. All the electrical appliances must be switched off instead of keeping it on standby mode. This, in turn, will help you to promote more amount of power saving since the standby mode generally results in 40% of energy consumption. Furthermore, the periodic maintenance of vehicles will help in efficient fuel usage and reduction in release of greenhouse gases. You should also ensure proper inflation of the tires to avoid fuel wastage.

Planting more trees and vegetation

Trees absorb a substantial amount of carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis (food preparation) while exhaling oxygen. Thus, we must initiate ‘Planting Trees’ campaigns and protect the existing vegetation and forests thereby, ensuring to make our planet Earth green.

Eat Organic

Organic food consumption must be increased since the organic soil generally absorbs a substantial amount of CO2. Buying local and fresh food produce will reduce the level of fuel consumption. Moreover, cows generally emit a huge amount of methane because of their vegetarian diet. Thus, the amount of meat consumption must be reduced. Furthermore, tetra packs should be used more instead of canned food.

Eco-friendly ways of cooking

While cooking, you must cover the utensils which, will help you to minimize the loss of heat thereby, saving a great amount of energy. You must use more amount of steamers and pressure cookers which, will help in saving 70% of energy.

Wrapping up

The occurrences of natural disasters like floods and hurricanes are increasing to a great extent. Both the government and individuals must address this burning issue and implement sustainable ways to prevent the upcoming dangers because of global warming. Thus, prevent this beautiful planet from getting doomed and implement sustainable practices to ensure a healthy and safe living.

How to Stop Global Warming
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How to Stop Global Warming
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