Human Sources that Increase the Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Level

Temperature of the Earth is rising up rapidly and there are numerous natural and man-made reasons to it. We all know that the greenhouse effect is inevitable for existence of life on the planet, however, the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increasing at an exponential rate, which, is further making it harmful for us and other living creatures, thereby, threatening our existence. This is what defines global warming at its simplest note.

It is of paramount importance to balance the level of greenhouse gases to keep the Earth’s temperature within a range which, is suitable for life existence. Though these gases do not pose any harm while staying in balance, however, while staying in excess, they can disturb the balance of atmosphere and make things pretty awry.

The top three greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. Let us have a look at the crucial human activities that increase the level of these gases and add up to global warming.

Carbon dioxide

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising steadily as stated by scientists and environmentalists. The concentration level is said to have been increased by 100 times faster compared to the last ice age’s end. The prime reason behind this is said to be the harmful human activities for the environment and some of them are:

● Burning of Fossil Fuels: Environment-harming human activities like burning oil to power vehicles, coal to generate electricity and wood in fires result in changing the liquid or solid form of stored organic carbon (wood or coal) into gas (carbon dioxide) being released into the atmosphere.

● Deforestation: Carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere is being absorbed during the photosynthesis of plants in terms of agricultural grounds. This, in turn, converts the amount of carbon present in the plants into vapour. When the vegetation is being burned, organic carbon gets released in the state of carbon dioxide thereby becoming an active carbon source and contributing to global warming and climate change.

Nitrous Oxide

This is another major greenhouse gas which, is mainly released by fertilisers that are being used in landscaping and agriculture and also during burning of organic matter and fossil fuels. The nitrous oxide concentrations present in the atmosphere have risen around 18% since the period of Industrial Revolution, which is expected to increase further in the near future.


Though this greenhouse gas comes with smaller lifespans and not present in abundance as the level of carbon dioxide, however, it can bring massive effects of global warming and climate change into the atmosphere. Some of the major human sources include:

● Extraction of natural gas: Methane is released into the atmosphere during the extraction of natural gas and oil.

● Decomposing organic matter: Animal waste, landfills, dams and sewage are the major sources of methane. Organic matter generally gets trapped in the walls of dams where they get decomposed. Bacteria is produced by methane during the decomposition process that gets escaped into the atmosphere slowly. Furthermore, gas operations in landfills provide a mitigation process which, not only harness methane being released into atmosphere but, also offer an additional fuel source as well.

The route to promote to a sustainable living is tough indeed. However, while considering the awful and frightening impact of global warming, it has become a requisite for mankind to survive. Thus, plant more trees, ride less on personal vehicles and take the least you can to fight with this massive destructive phenomenon.

Human Sources that Increase the Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Level
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Human Sources that Increase the Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Level
This write-up provides readers with an overview of the various human activities which, is increasing the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and promoting to global warming.
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