Information on Global Warming

Our Earth’s climate has undergone a series of changes by now. Moreover, with the rapid increasing aftermaths of global warming, things are worsening on a further note. Global warming has been ‘talk of the town’, with every other person trying to gather relevant information on global warming and make efforts on preventing its dreadful impact and lead towards a better tomorrow. As far by now, we have experienced a series of environmental inconsistencies that caused severe loss to living beings.

Following here we would like to pen down some of the massive and devastating facts related to global warming and climate change that have been witnessed by our planet Earth so far.

● Greenhouse gas emissions like methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and other obnoxious gases will continue to penetrate into the atmosphere for the years to come which, will make it quite impossible for us to prevent global warming and climate change for some of the next decades to come.

● As per climate study and research, the last two decades of this century are observed to be the hottest in the last 400 years.

● The Arctic region is melting drastically and by the year 2040, it is expected that the region will witness an ice free summer.

● The coral reefs are suffering from massive ecosystem imbalancing since the early 1980s which is further, causing them to die at an alarming rate.

● The extreme climate changes are showing us severe implications in the way of heat waves, forest fires and tropical storms all across the world.

● Anthropogenic activities including pollution, deforestation and industrialisation are leading to a rapid increase in the release of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, water vapour, methane and much more.

● With the glaciers rapidly melting down, on one hand, the sea levels are rising up whereas, on the other hand, water shortages will be observed in the regions that depend on various types of natural water sources.

● Increasing global temperatures will end up in emission of more amount of greenhouse gases and cause more amount of water evaporation.

● Burning of fossil fuels majorly started during the advent of Industrial Revolution which not only increasing the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere but, also increasing the number of deaths because of respiratory diseases including asthma.

● By the year 2100, average global temperature will increase by around 5.8 degrees because of global warming.

● The number of deaths because of heat strokes will rise to an alarming figure in the next few decades.

The vestiges of global warming are plenty which, states it is high time that we start making rigorous efforts to shield our environment against these appalling consequences. With strong determined minds, zeal to promote life sustenance, we believe we have the spark to build a better tomorrow.

Information on Global Warming
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Information on Global Warming
This blog digs out some of the most intriguing and awful aftermaths of global warming and climate change which, will help readers to decipher how fast we are moving the extinction of our own habitat.
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