Looming Menace of Migration Points at Global Warming

Critical data owing its source to Asian Development Bank illustrates Asia Pacific region to be most vulnerable to the ever intensifying impact of global warming. People already at the brink of existence are likely to be hard hit, considering the lack of alternatives for them to choose a safer habitat. Although statistics reveal heavy figures of migration, without preemptive plans and prospective destinations, just in the trail of a safe haven, no authority seems to get stirred by the very thought of tacit mass displacement.

Impending dangers or insecurities in all spheres including social, economic, environmental is foreseen, compelling countries to adapt to refugee influxes, fleeing the effects of global warming. Already a sharp increase by 6 degree celsius has devastated agriculture, biodiversity, fisheries taking toll on comprehensive development.

The most striking challenge that we are faced with happens to be the issue of food security considering the lowering of agriculture production due to climate fluctuations. Degrading soil fertility due to untimely rain and scorching heat resulting in cracked fields is not only a depressing visual but also is life threatening for communities residing in the periphery as well as in the urban set up. When scarcity of food poses a threat it forces migration.

The effect intensifies in the island nations which are solely dependent on fishery as a source of livelihood. Ocean acidification takes a toll on aquatic life. Industrial waste and fuel leaks disturb marine ecosystems causing adulteration of water bodies reflecting in dead fish floating ashore. In fact, consuming the fish available often proves to be harmful for human kind, owing to intake of adulterated water. This invariably reduces the expected demand badly affecting the market and forcing people to look for other alternatives in prospective destinations.

Calamities camouflaged as natural occurrences like floods are harbingers of displacement. Often caused due to human folly- be it construction of dams diverting course of a river, clearing of forests, vegetation and other natural barriers inevitably submerges human habitats, washing away peace and stability. Bereft of options, people are bound to migrate to safer zones for resuming a normal living.

History is evident to the fact that civilizations have grown up with a perennial water body in the vicinity. The present is no different. There are communities who reside along the riverside owing to free and unbarred access to water. Alas! In the lieu of development the value of water is lost into oblivion. We- the common man have allowed relentless flow of untreated sewage into water bodies, polluting the once pure reflection of life! The option that remains is to set out on a journey towards greener pastures.

Uncontrolled use of fossil fuels and industrial release of inexorable smoke is polluting atmosphere by the day causing the effects of global warming amplify through myriad deadly manifestations that includes plethora of terminal health hazards like cancer. Unfortunately we are treading an irretrievable path where danger looms large. The consequences boast of nurturing the life threatening menace, ushering a transition which no migration can escape.

Looming Menace of Migration Points at Global Warming
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Looming Menace of Migration Points at Global Warming
The figures are jaw dropping yet bears a strong essence of reality of how global warming is taking a toll on human life, compelling mortals to migrate to distant spaces in search of a life free from fear and a fair livelihood that sustains it.
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Global Warming Political Union
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