Make a Visible Difference To The Planet with Effective Global Warming Solutions

The ill effect of greenhouse house gases on environment is a well known concern and is the most debatable topic of the century. The soaring temperature and the devastating effect of climate change is having a detrimental impact on the health of our planet.

Technically, the phenomenon of global warming is a human induced activity which mainly evolves from the burning of fossil fuel, and use of environmentally harmful home appliances like fridge, and ACs that emits the harmful CFC gas. This CFC gas is responsible for depleting the ozone layer which prevents the influx of harmful ultraviolet rays on earth’s surface. Such alarming situation is indicating the necessity to adopt simple precautionary measures for effective global warming prevention. Scientists warn that the adverse impact of global warming if not checked, the process may transform our planet into an uninhabitable place in the next ten years.

The international environment summit that is being held every year focuses on the trending environmental issues. Many acclaimed public figures deliver applaudable speeches on environment conservation but in reality we, the inhabitants of this planet hardly adopt or implement any of the strategies to preserve our planet. The rampant usage of fuel- inefficient vehicles, home appliances, grid power, deforestation due to wildfire and human dwelling is hampering the ecological balance of the planet by endangering the lives of many species.

For a faster and effective global warming prevention process, we need to include some very simple measures in our daily lives contributing towards environment conservation. As every normal aspects of human lives like eating, breathing depends on our surrounding environment, hence it is our responsibility to ensure a sustainable and better future. The very first basic step is to replace the use of grid power with renewable sources like solar power, wind and geothermal energy. Using renewable energies not only reduce the electricity bill amount but is also quite environment friendly. To save the planet from harmful greenhouse effect, people must use fuel efficient vehicles for lesser fuel consumption. Fuel efficient cars are effective in preventing pollution through its lesser carbon emission features. Environmentalists opine that if we stop burning fossil fuels and reduces the usage of cars we can control greenhouse emission to a larger extent.

Recycling is another vital process that helps in curbing the detrimental impact of global warming and climate change. The dumping ground around the world is providing lucrative business opportunities to many who utilizes and recycle waste into usable products. Recycling is one of the effective way in reducing greenhouse emission and in conserving the planet’s energy and resources.

Taking voluntary participation in afforestation programmes is another crucial step towards global warming prevention. The plantation drives are an effective way in combating the adverse effect of global warming and climate change. A little bit of awareness among common people and our responsibility towards the environment can minimize the intensity of damage on our ecosystem.

Make a Visible Difference To The Planet with Effective Global Warming Solutions
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Make a Visible Difference To The Planet with Effective Global Warming Solutions
The issue of global warming prevention is one of the largest most serious challenge that the world is facing right now. Hence it is the call of hour to adopt preventive measures in reducing the detrimental impact of global warming.
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Global Warming Political Union
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