Motivating Ourselves to Contribute towards a Sustainable future

Recovery and prevention contradicts one another. Mechanisms adopted to mend the impacts of global warming is one thing while promptly subscribing to sustainable alternatives is quite another. It all boils down to our attitude, which in today’s scenario is the most important aspect, required to deal with global warming.

It is essential for us to build a consensus to undertake the responsibility to combat climate change and global warming on a regular basis. Be it reducing greenhouse emissions, carbon footprint, and pollution or embracing energy efficiency, it is increasingly becoming a mandate to abide by measures that offer a promising solution.

For an instance, plastics and non biodegradable waste penetrate through the soil to make its way to the ground water. This multiplies the toxicity of usable water casting a devastating impact on living organisms. Besides the pollution aspect caused specifically by plastic, it is the manufacture of plastics using combustion of oil and gas that adds up to intensify global warming. Manufacturing units can make an attempt to reduce footprint by taking to local distribution and adhering to waste processing units that saves untreated waste being released into fresh water reserves.

Authorities, government agencies should be on the constant look out for signs of pollution like oil floats, excessive multiplication of sea weed in shallow water, dead creatures found floating or lying dead by the shores, emission of pungent odour and green house gases from factory units, automobile exhausts as well as carbon emissions due to current business activities- ranging from manufacture, dispatch to distribution. Early the detection, easier the chances of redemption.

Environmental agencies and health departments should be proactive in conducting evaluation to coin apt solution for mitigating global warming and climate change. Businesses should abide by permits, licenses and regulations in reference to use of hazardous and chemical based products that is likely to pollute the environment. Local manufacturing, biodegradable and recyclable production saves contamination and exhaustion of natural resources, thus facilitating global warming prevention.

We, as consumers, can take prompt action supported by a democratic consensus, for contributing towards a healthier environment. Switching over to degradable alternatives from plastic, using carpools, reducing the use of paper products and limiting the use of fossil fuels by adopting gadgets and equipments supported by enhanced energy optimization, definitely improves climate conditions. Appropriate and timely dissemination of information using the might of digital outreach, serve in reducing climate risks.

Therefore, developing consciousness amongst the civic society and becoming personally aware of the hazardous impact of climate change on every fellow being, solely act as a stimulant for curbing global warming, ensuring the planet’s wellbeing.

Motivating Ourselves to Contribute towards a Sustainable future
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Motivating Ourselves to Contribute towards a Sustainable future
The responsibility of maintaining the health of our ecosystem has to be borne by us- the common man, instead of relying on recovery measures once the tragedy strikes.
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Global Warming Political Union
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