Nuclear Energy Generation Substantially Contributes to Global Warming

As the world experiences a surge in the demand for renewable energy, there are certain minor yet well manifested negative impacts surfacing in the course of energy generation. The most phenomenal effect has been recorded during nuclear power production that takes a toll on the natural ecosystem, often becoming a substantial contributor to global warming.

One of the most provocative reasons that ignites scalable reactions effecting the balance of nature is experienced when gallons of torrid waste water is released into the ocean ecosystem. The temperature on an average is around 20 degree Fahrenheit higher than the natural environment. Not only temperature that plays a significant role in interrupting the existing balance, but also the release of toxic chemicals along with the water. Owing to its disparaging properties, nuclear waste can be a potential source signifying the destructive effects of industrial waste on global warming.

Drastic temperature shoots at regular intervals has tremendous adverse effect on aquatic life. One of the potential causes being the lower capacity of warm water to hold oxygen in comparison to cold water, thus severely elevating the metabolic rate of fish.

It may sound insignificant but considering the fact that every organism has the right to life, it is undoubtedly sheer devastation for planktons, eggs and larvae to get pulled into the suction pipes that are used to draw ocean water. Larger creatures are piteously trapped against protective screens.

During the entire process of power generation cooling towers are used to nutralise excess heat generated. In this course the towers emit incredible amount of water vapor and steam- directly responsible for heating up atmosphere.

The nuclear stalwarts claim reactors are completely carbon free, while the release of Carbon 14- a radioactive isotope from nuclear reactors goes unnoticed. In fact, fuel used in carbon reactors too is carbon intensive. The milling and enrichment processes required to produce pellets that fill fuel rods inside the reactor core demand fossil fuel supplies.

Irradiated liquids coupled with use of fossil fuels for carrying out processes manifests how nuclear energy generation intensifies effect of global warming. Even after years of scientific contemplation reuse of fuel rods have frustratingly failed. There are barely any reactors that possess the ability to produce more fuel than they consume. Alternate mixed oxide rectors containing plutonium are overtly expensive and considered to be partially responsible for having caused the disaster at Fukushima. Deluge at Fukushima and Chernobyl or any other meltdowns or explosion can cost lives, disturbing the existing parity.

Thus, it is a gross misconception to consider nuclear energy to be completely safe, carbon free and a strong representative of renewable power that is expected to be a beacon of energy efficiency. Carbon, heat and radioactive disposals malign its prospects of being clean energy.

Nuclear Energy Generation Substantially Contributes to Global Warming
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Nuclear Energy Generation Substantially Contributes to Global Warming
Although, considered to be a beacon of renewable power, Nuclear Energy generation significantly contributes to global warming, failing to qualify the yardstick implied for measuring the potency of clean energy.
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Global Warming Political Union
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