Educating children

Do we continue thinking that politicians in our current political system are ever going to get serious about educating our children, when the most important thing to a politician in our current political system is how do I get elected the next time there is an election. We need to get rid of our career politicians and replace them with new blood and new ideas the world over.

If we had a good political system, our children would have been taught chemistry in schools the first year that ice was brought into Australia, how ice is made and the poisonous chemicals that go into the making of ice, the devastating effects it has on the brain’s nervous system, and how the brain needs more ice each time you use it because of the damage that you did to your brain the first time, and how you will eventually be so brain dead that you will be like a man I know, who knows there’s a can of lemonade is in his refrigerator but does not know how to open the door to get to it. This man Bob went to university studying electronics.

We need someone going to school with a brain of an ice addict, teaching children and showing them how ice affects the human brain. They needed to be taught that by the time children and adults realize they have damaged their brain, they will never be able to return to a normal life.

People using ice should be enough to put children of trying and using it. How the brain works and how our lives are affected when people use ice, should have been taught to our children when it first became available in Australia.

Things to be considered:

What tricks people into taking illegal drugs? In some cases they are made to by-pass the taste buds on the top of our tongue, they are in pill form, or the drug is put into a syringe and the illegal drug is put into a blood vein or an artery.

To stop people from taking illegal drugs in the first place, they need to taste the chemicals that go into illegal drugs, chemicals like (floor polish Ajax, soap, rat poison and some of the other chemicals that go into them. These drugs would not get past our taste buds if not in a pill, they would not get past the safety mechanism that God put on the top of our tongue to protect our bodies and brains from ingesting poisons.