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People targeting global warming

A new political party constitution proposal:
It’s about time we built a political party constitution for our twenty-first century.

Having followed politics for a long time, I think we would have an enormous battle on our hands if we were to try and change our political system, this is why l am asking everyone to join a union to make political reform a reality, united we stand, divided we fall.

The only way l think we have a chance of changing our political system is by building a new constitution, the worlds best constitution for a new political party.

Our previous politicians allowed many of our biggest media companies to take over smaller ones. This allowed the newly amalgamated media companies to take control over what we read and what we hear on the TV and on the radio, manipulating to us as to who we should vote for.

Our previous politicians also had a large bank policy. This allowed some of our banks to become so big and so powerful that now they ignore our politicians and our government. Now when our government say it is time to alter our interest rates, once again our politicians gave away the power we gave them when we voted for them, and now we are being dictated to by our banks and our media.

One problem with the majority of political party constitutions is, there is no provision for the majority of the party members to sack a bad politician or a corrupt one, and there is no provision for all the party members to elect a candidate to stand as a politician at an upcoming election. Why join a political party if you have no say in who your political candidate will be? If you are not allowed to vote in an internal party election for someone to be a candidate at an election why join them?

Why join a political party if the people you are expected to vote for have only been elected by less than three percent of the party hierarchy? If a political party insults you by not allowing you to vote in an internal election indicating you do not have enough intelligence, why stay with a party like that?

l am proposing that in a new political party all the party members have the right to sack a bad politician, as often these bad politicians have what is called a safe seat stand as a politician at an election.

Countries where their political parties have better constitutions have much better democracies. Your input will be taken seriously.

To tackle global warming we need to unite as a group of people, whether it be setting up clubs or social groups, or maybe even creating a union. In recent years people have been turned off unions due to them having too much power. I know some people strongly dislike the word union, however they have had their place in the past, especially in the earlier days of the coal mines in England, when children were sent down the coal mines to get coal.