Political Reform what do you want

What do you think would happen if everyone voted for an independent politician at the next federal election, followed with an election to select one of these politicians to be our speaker in parliament house?

Policy proposal to borrow one billion dollars in one year for every State and Territory, to buy batteries, build hydrogen power plants or to tap into heat from under ground rocks, and use the steam to turn turbines to produce electricity. Half the money that is earned from this electricity will go to social security only, the other half of the money that is generated from these power sources will go back to the people that lent us the money to build them.

Our previous Prime Minister John Howard wanted to build new nuclear power plants. The new nuclear power plants appear to be incredibly safe and their technology has come a long way, the same as the mobile phone technology has come a very long way in the last twenty years. If more people were preprepared to look at the facts instead of becoming incredibly resentful of nuclear power, John Howard may have built some in his time.

Legislation will be put in place to stop future politicians from selling these power sources without holding a referendum. Some of us Australians can remember what happened when the Australian government sold the Commonwealth Bank.

The ice on the North and South poles would not be melting and becoming smaller and smaller for the last 30 years if our planet is not heating up. A ten year old Canadian child going to school knows this, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work that out. If all the ice on the North and South poles melt the tide will stop moving, no more surfing at the beach and everything in the ocean will die because the ocean will not be moving any more.

Why do some of the people who are deniers of climate change become angry when some of us believers say people are causing climate change? If climate change is not happening why are these deniers getting upset? Surely it should be business as usual for them.

Are the people who are denying climate change the same people who used to get very angry when some people used to say Saddam Hussein does not have weapons of mass destruction?

Before the invasion of Iraq l remember a man ringing a Kalgoorlie radio station in West Australia. He sounded very angry and said we must bomb Iraq as it has weapons of mass destruction. He said they must have as the American President George W Bush said they have.

Where are you getting your climate change information from? It is critical for you to get your information from a reliable source, it is not good to get your information from a talk back radio host, all they are concerned with is their job and their popularity.

The people who get upset when people talk about climate change appear to get more upset when people talk about job loses in the coal mining industry.

An Australian Liberal party politician Craig Kelly, who is a member of our Australian government said on TV, that he had a bottle of champaign in a bucket of ice ready to open the day after the American President Donald Trump pulled the United Sates out of the Paris climate change accord. How many people would have voted for him if they knew he is a climate change denier?

We need a feasibility study before we decide whether to build Hydrogen power plants, put boilers and turbines under ground or whether we pipe CO 2 to green houses.


United we stand divided we fall.

If we who believe that humans are causing climate change do not unite we will have no chance in defeating it.  The older our political system becomes the more politicians learn how to take advantage of its system, and the more our politicians learn how to abuse our political system and use it to their own advantage.

We have had many people start new political parties in the past but unfortunately, their constitutions and their party foundations have been unstable and weak from the very beginning. It’s about time we built a political party constitution for our twenty-first century.

Having followed politics for a long time, I think we would have an enormous battle on our hands if we were to try and change our political system, this is why l am asking everyone to join a union to make political reform a reality,

The only way l think we have a chance of changing our political system is by building a new constitution for a brand new political party the C C P P W A , the worlds best constitution for a new political party.

Our previous politicians allowed many of our media companies to take over smaller ones. This allowed the newly amalgamated media companies to take control over what we read and what we hear on the TV and on the radio, misleading us manipulating and telling us who we should vote for.

Our previous politicians also had a large bank policy a big four Bank police. This allowed some of our banks to become so big and so powerful that now they ignore our politicians and our government. Now when our government say it is time to alter our interest rates the Banks refuse, once again our politicians gave away the power we gave them when we voted for them, and now we are being dictated to by our banks and our media. One more reason we need to build the worlds newest and the worlds best constitution for a new political party.

One problem with the majority of political party constitutions is, there is no provision for the majority of the party members to sack a bad politician or a corrupt one, and there is no provision for all the party members to elect a candidate to stand as a politician at an upcoming election. Why join a political party if you have no say in who your political candidate will be? If you are not allowed to vote in an internal party election for someone to be a candidate, why join them?

Why join a political party if the people you are expected to vote for have only been elected by less than three percent of the party hierarchy? If a political party insults you by not allowing you to vote in an internal election indicating you do not have enough intelligence, why stay with a party like that?

l am proposing that in a new political party all the party members have the right to sack a bad politician, as often these bad politicians have what is called a safe seat stand as a politician at an election.

Countries where their political parties have better constitutions have much better democracies. To tackle global warming we need to unite whether it be setting up clubs or maybe even creating a union. In recent years people have been turned off unions due to them having too much power. I know some people strongly dislike the word union, however they have had their place in the past, especially in the earlier days of the coal mines in England during the industrial revolution, when children were sent down the coal mines to dig out coal.

Australian Politics a new political system

We need a new political system. How can we move forward with climate change and many other important issues if we do not change our political system? We have a political system that politicians have been manipulating to give themselves more power and control, they have been manipulating our political system for decades, finding loop holes in it. Now one is reigning in these politicians and plugging the holes that these modern politicians have been finding in our political system.

It is time for us to stop our politicians from ignoring us and treating us like puppets. We have the right to demand more referendums on things like immigration numbers, education, policy proposals, and much more.     .

It is likely to be very difficult for us to change our political system even in small ways, so l suggest that we do as much as we possibly can to build the worlds best political party constitution, one that gives everyone who is a party member the right to vote, when it is time for them to select a person to be their party political candidate at an upcoming federal or state election.

With the majority of political parties the majority of members have the right to vote for their candidate they will be expected to vote for when the election is held.  A very small number of the people who are running a political party tell the rest of their party members who to vote for at an upcoming election.

In this new party constitution you will have the right to have a subject matter raised in parliament on your behalf, or for you to raise a subject yourself in parliament, a bit like representing yourself in court. The more a political party constitution represents the voters the happier the people are.

We must do what we can to do away with the safe seat scenario where a politician can and often do, go against the wishes of the people who have elected him to represent them in parliament.

When a political party candidate stands at an election for the Labour party, they are designated a particular area for them to represent. The same applies for the Liberal party, they may have a political candidate in the same electorate area, both of these party candidates get as many people as they can to vote for them in what is called a safe electorate. It may be the Labour party candidate that has no chance of winning, or it may be the Liberal party candidate that has no chance of getting enough people to vote for him or her to enter the government. The candidates that win these electorates are in charge of what is known as a safe seat, because when they are in parliament house, they sit on what is could a safe seat.

This is when we can get major problems with the Liberal and Labour parties, because if the politician does something that annoys the people who voted for them, they often have to vote for the same politician, as the party hasn’t given an alternative candidate.

If you were a person who works for a boss, it is likely you would have joined a union and become a Labour voter. If you run a business it is likely you would be a Liberal voter at election time.

In a particular area for example, where people are much more likely to join a union, people who are factory workers or people who receive a pay cheque, they are much more likely to be Labour voters. This area could cover ten or as many as twenty suburbs.

In farming and agriculture areas, where there are small villages, people are more likely to vote Liberal.

This gives the politician a safe seat by default, regardless of his performance as a politician representing the people.

A new system for the twenty first century.
Your parents were forced to pay superannuation.
Our present and previous politicians have been squandering our resources.
Coal and iron ore money should have been invested, and we should be living off the interest, that is what people do if they are financially wise.

What do you want from your new political party?

It is likely to be very difficult for us to change our political system even in small ways, so l suggest we all get together and do as much as we possibly can to build the worlds best political party constitution.

Power to the Australian people: your new political party is coming, more power to you and less power to politicians.

Why are we Australians putting up with the democratic system of government we have? Why have we put up with it for so long?  We need to move to more of a democratic system of government that is more of a direct democracy and less of an indirect democracy. This means we need a system of government where we have far more referendums and plebiscites.

The people who set up democracies in the past kept as much power as they could for themselves, and people in the past who have built political party constitutions gave themselves as much future power and control as they possibly could, for themselves and their friends. This is why our political system is failing us.

The more a system of government is an indirect system, the less power remains in the hands of the voters, and this gives politicians more power to do what they want, even if it means they are going against what the majority of people they are supposed to be representing want.  If you want more of a say in what will happen in your future, if you do not want your politicians to continue the winding back of our retirees pensions, and our social security system, you will need to help build a brand new constitution for a brand new political party.

A direct democracy is when all of the people who are old enough to vote in an election and are on the electoral role, have the right to vote on what is being proposed, for example, the number of people they will let into their county as immigrants, whether they will attempt to invade a country or what will be the jail time for a person who is guilty of murder.

In an indirect democracy people vote for a person to represent them, a person they call a politician. These politicians meet in a building they call parliament house.

A politician on the radio in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia said and l quote, “we do not take any notice of petitions”, which means the people we vote for to represent us ignore us when it suits them. This has been happening for years and no one is doing anything to change it.

All political parties should have upgraded their constitution from time to time and improved them. l suppose this would mean they would have to conform it to what the people want, rather than what they want. For example, when they are setting their quoters of migrants coming into Australia, we have no say at all. So we need to build a brand new constitution for a brand new political party, which will be updated from time to time according to the wishes of the people, rather than a handful of politicians, to keep up with our ever changing world. At the moment this is not happening.

We need a new political system and I ask myself are we likely to get one? The answer is no.  We have a far better chance of changing our political system by creating a brand new constitution which gives people far more of a say than the current ones we have.

We can take major steps to reduce climate change in Australia and set an example for other countries to follow. I suggest we will need to come up with the worlds newest and the world’s best political party constitution, if we want to significantly reduce climate change. If we are to have any success in reducing climate change, we will need to build an unbeatable political party constitution.  The government takes our super and uses it for what they want to invest it in, rather than what we want to invest it in.

You are invited to participate in the setting up of your new political party constitution.

In the future when Australians retire there will be no pensions if we do not take steps to reorganize our retirees pension system.

The Australian government plans to do away with pensions for retired Australians in the future. No Liberal nor Labour federal politicians will say if this includes disability support pensions. When our government stops paying pensions for retired Australians, will there be payments for new mothers and the unemployed? Our politicians know when the are going to stop paying the old age pension, they are just not telling us.

Today large numbers of our youth have no chance of becoming self funded retirees. They can’t even get a job. The only people who manage to become self funded retirees are people who started their working career in the nineteen seventies and eighties. A major factor in people becoming self funded retirees was the massive increases in property prices for a lot of working people. They would not have done it on the money they managed to save and work for alone.

Did our politicians say they will pay old age pensions to the people who are about to retire soon, but the people who will retire in the future will have to pay for it themselves? No one is telling us when our Australian government will stop providing people pensions when they retire. Is this going to happen in ten years time or will our government stop paying us a pension in twenty years time? And at what stage will our government stop paying old age pensions?

If this is what our Liberal and our Labour politicians are planning, we have a right to know when this is going to happen so we can plan living in poverty if we have no working children to buy us some food and give us a bed to sleep in.

Chemist Warehouse have destroyed a lot of our pharmacy businesses in Australia as a lot of them have folded up. Some have gone bankrupt in Australia because of the Chemist Warehouse super market approach to providing us with our medication, like the Amazon approach to bookshops. These businesses are no longer paying tax to support our Centrelink payments, no more people working in these chemist shops paying tax to support our payments.

What is happening with Amazon? Amazon now being in Australia, how this will affect Australian social security payments?

Lateline man referred to Amazon as a juggernaut.

How many of you realise that every time you buy something on e-bay from America, you are giving money to overseas businesses and your Australian dollar will never come back into your hand ever again, and it will never be circulated in Australia again?  When you are planning to buy something on e-bay, why not stop and think, do I really want our Australian money to leave Australia, never to return and never to be circulated in Australia again? Once it has gone it will never be available to pay pensions here.

If you buy goods from an Australian business, the shop owner is paying rates which the shop owner has to pay tax on! Money that goes towards paying to fix our roads, schools, hospitals, and support our welfare system.

When the business owner pays wages to an employee, the employee pays tax and some of it goes to our welfare system, some of it goes to our Medicare health system and some to our unemployment payments.

What will our social security system look like in twenty years time?  Will we have one in twenty years time if people continue giving our money to overseas businesses? If we do not change our behaviour we will have to return to a soup kitchen, a system where all people will get to eat is a cup of soup and a piece of bread once a day.

Our social security system is under enormous pressure with some people having four children, twelve grand children and twenty four great grand children. People know full well there will not be enough money to provide health care and unemployment benefits to their grand children in twenty years time.

What will their great grand children live on and how will they get by? What sort of life will they have without our Medicare health system and unemployment payments?

Within twenty years our social security system is likely to look nothing like it does today. If our politicians should manage some how to provide health care and some sort of unemployment benefits without major changes to our taxation system it will be a miracle.

If you want there to be a social security system in Australia in the future you need to say so now, taking steps to preserve it and protect it. If not it will melt away like snow melts away in the spring.

Amazon and Google do not pay any tax in Australia nor does Facebook. Our Labour and Liberal politicians allow businesses to take their head offices overseas, this is how they can get out of paying tax.

We have a very serious shortage of electricity in Australian and we will soon be the worlds biggest exporters of coal and gas. We have a very serious shortage of coal and gas in Sydney and Melbourne because our Liberal and Labour politicians spend to much time squabbling, bickering and point scoring. It is time we changed our political system, it is time to create a political reform association.

In the past our Liberal and Labour governments allowed many of our businesses to sack all their factory employees. Our government knew this was wrong. They knew many of the people who were sacked would never be able to obtain full time employment ever again.

Our governments allowed Australian factories in Australian to close down and take all there factory equipment overseas, then build buildings for their machinery and get people in these overseas countries to work in them. These new workers are paid far less than the Australian workers. Now the items that are made in these factories are shipped to Australia and we buy them. This allowed these rich business owners to become super rich at the expense of every day working Australians. Once people used to put petrol in peoples cars, what other jobs have been lost to enable the rich to become mega rich? Name all the jobs that have been lost to computers.

No wonder our government can not get our budget back into surplus when they allow businesses to do this sort of thing. Our budget blows out in every government before every election. It’s not only the jobs that were lost when these businesses took our jobs overseas. The government lost out on the tax that they would have been collecting from Australian workers that could have gone towards Medicare and unemployment payments.

Countries like Japan and Sweden may be expected to have government debt as they buy raw material to make cars, iron ore to make steel, oil to make plastic and they make cars and sell them around the world. The Japanese and the Swedes don’t have coal, gas and iron ore to sell but Australia does. Australia used to make Holden, Ford and Valiant motor cars and our politicians closed the factories they were made in. We have the coal and steel to make them and for us Australians it is free, all we need to do is dig the coal and steel out of the ground. The Chinese were stockpiling iron ore to drive down the price.

What Amazon is doing in America will cripple small and medium size businesses. There are big shopping centres closing down in America because their government will not stop Amazon in America from destroying peoples jobs.

Sub prime housing loans in America:

Many politicians and financial advisers around the world knew the last financial crisis was going to happen in advance, because American banks were giving people money to buy houses that the banks knew they would not be able to pay back. These loans where called sub prime loans.