Perils of Climate Change and Deforestation on Survival of Rainforests

Building resilience to the impact of climate change has now become the topmost priority in this tech-dominated world. Numerous studies have already taken place to decipher the complex relationship between global warming and rainforests.

Around a span of 30 years ago, a new-age movement was given birth in context to the frightful and dismaying images of deforestation, which signified the gradual disappearance of rainforests. This plan of action started with pint-sized protests made by indigenous proponents who risked their lives to let the world know about wrongful deeds. The assassination of Chico Mendes, the Brazilian environmentalist who tried to catalyse the Rubber Tapper’s Union for Amazon preservation made it into the frontlines all over the world. Even during the period of the late 1980s to early 1990s, a group of indigenous Amazonians makes it to the global stage for combating the rainforests from further destruction, while teaming up with International NGOs, celebrities and building new alliances.

The rainforests have faced a myriad of ghastly perils and we are gradually moving towards a situation when rainforests will only remain as an element of the past. However, the Earthians has started making well-defined initiatives, including constant vigilance and public support as of which, the pace of deforestation slowed down to a considerable extent. Resultantly, it has helped moderately to combat the effects of global warming and climate change.

Global Warming Taking a Toll on Rainforests

Needless to say that; loggers, ranchers and miners are no more the most crucial threat to rainforests. Though the pressure related to demand for palm oil, land, beef, soy and gold are very much pervasive and intense, however, global warming has emerged as the key threat to preservation of tropical rainforests. The altering rainfall pattern is expected to fuel up a massive turbulence in the Amazon and most importantly, all the living species inhabited there; are perhaps not that much adaptive to deal with those changes.

Another instance signifying the devastating effects of global warming is detailing the climatic changes witnessed by the northern rainforests of Alaska and boreal zones of the Earth. These regions is experiencing a warm climate, which is further luring the trees-attacking insects to move northwards. This, in turn, is increasing the cesspool of dead woody materials which, stimulate wildfires.

While observing a bit more subtle, changes are being observed in the action of pollinators as well. Invasive species, the cumulative impact fluctuating weather patterns and fragmentation of the ecosystems have been accelerating forest degradation and loss of biodiversity. Thus, keep note of this fact that; all the anthropogenic activities hugely exhilarate global warming and climate change, because of which, it’s time to act a bit more prudent and promote a sustainable living.

Perils of Climate Change and Deforestation on Survival of Rainforests
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Perils of Climate Change and Deforestation on Survival of Rainforests
Forests account just around 31% of our planet and the proportion is gradually reducing. Though deforestation is the cause and global warming is the outcome; however, both go hand-in-hand, while contributing to environmental degradation.
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Global Warming Political Union
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