Stop Global Warming

Resources are becoming scarce, however, global population is rising rapidly. Global temperature is rising, sea levels are increasing and environmental hazards are occurring frequently. Thus, it has become of paramount importance for us to stop global warming by implementing sustainable practices and choices. However, before we dig out the various helpful ways of preventing the impact of global warming, let us get a brief and lucid overview of what it is all about.

A Brief on Global Warming

It is referred as the average rise in temperature of the planet Earth, which occurs when the major greenhouse gases including methane, carbon dioxide, CFC, nitrous oxide and water vapour trap heat inside the atmosphere from the sun. The trapped heat results in increased temperature of the atmosphere which further, is threatening the existence of animals, plants and humans.

Tips to Combat against Global Warming

Though you might feel that it is not possible for a single individual or family to take any significant initiative for combating global warming, however, even simple regular actions of yours can bring a fruitful outcome. Moreover, following a sustainable lifestyle of yours might inspire your peers and friends as well to contribute to global warming prevention. Thus, following here is a list of simple steps to reduce energy consumption and save the planet.

Sustainable steps to take inside Your Home

Take a step to a sustainable living right from your home and reduce carbon footprint.

● Replace all the obsolete appliances with energy-efficient, advanced models.

● Unplug all the electronic appliances like televisions, computers and refrigerators before leaving your house.

● Upgrade the water heater of your home to energy-efficient system and ensure less energy consumption.

● Dry clothes on lines instead of using the dryer and save both money and energy.

● Have an insulation check of your home to evaluate if there is any scope of improvement.

● Weatherize the come to decrease the heating and cooling expenses and related energy usage.

Sustainable Steps to make outside Your Home

While stepping out of your home as well, we can make sustainable choices while driving, shopping or spending time.

● Purchase organic food items which, have been grown by using polluted chemicals.

● Replace the gasoline-powered machine instead of the push mower while mowing the lawn.

● Plant trees to level down the carbon dioxide atmospheric concentration.

● Bring reusable bags while going for shopping to decrease the paper and plastic waste and promote energy savings.

● Turn off the engine instead of keeping it idle and decrease the level of pollution by saving more on fuel and money.

● Use public transportation to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

● Purchase fuel-efficient vehicles for minimizing the dependence on fossil fuels and reduce pollution.

● Change the air filters at regular intervals to minimize carbon emissions.

● Inflate the tires properly and inspect them for signs of wear and tear.

Apart from the aforesaid, take initiatives to enlighten people about the various adverse effects of global warming on our planet and valuable ways to prevent it.

Stop Global Warming
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Stop Global Warming
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