A Strong Emphasis on How Planet Earth is Becoming Uninhabitable

A Strong Emphasis on How Planet Earth is Becoming Uninhabitable

As the Environment Day 2018 just passed on last Tuesday, many new propositions were initiated, campaigns were launched and events took place all over the world dedicated to promoting a sustainable environment. But, the situation is becoming extreme with time and it would not be surprising enough to say that we are fast-moving towards the extinction of our planet.

Considering the same, here we would like to throw light on some of the dreadful yet factual aspects which exhibit that our planet is becoming uninhabitable and our life is certainly under severe threat because of global warming and climate change.

Increasing heat deaths
Alike mammals, humans are heat drivers indeed and there is a constant need for cooling off to stay well. Thus, the atmosphere’s temperature should be low enough so that the air can serve as a refrigerant. We need to heat off the skin for ensuring that the engine pumps well. For instance, at eight degrees of global warming, it would become severely harmful to most of the regions covering the equatorial land, especially the tropical regions where the humidity adds to the vulnerabilities. For instance, humidity is generally measured at around 90% in the jungles of Costa Rica and if that kind of a climate, the temperature suddenly rise to a level of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, then it will certainly become a state of turbulence. Humans along with other creatures will obviously die.

Unavailability of Food
The climates differ all across various parts of the world and plants vary as well, however, the fundamental rule for the cultivation of staple crops that are grown mostly at optimal temperature is that; for every degree rise in the temperature, the production volume will reduce by around 10%, which can even be to the extent of even 115-17%. It means that if our Mother Earth gets around 5% warmer by the end of this century, we might have around 50% less food to supply to a population of around 50% more people. Furthermore, the proteins are more harmful indeed. It takes an approx of 16 calories indeed for producing a single calorie of hamburger meat, prepared by butchering cows that have spent its life by polluting the environment with their passing gas while releasing methane.

Unbreathable Air
Needless to say, oxygen is inevitably necessary for existence, however, that is just a fraction of what people breathe. The atmospheric CO2 level is rising steadily and have crossed around 400 parts per million. The high-end extrapolations from the present climate trends signify that it might reach 1000 ppm by the year 2100. Thus, considering that scenario, the cognitive ability of humans will reduce by around 21%.

This is the reason for which, humans are taking initiatives to restrain the rate of consumption and implementing the use of greener technology. Machines have been built for monitoring the progress of our sustainable movement against global warming and climate change and restoring the ecosystems. Thus, a well-defined, organized change has certainly need of the hour for mitigating the trauma and turbulence of global warming.

A Strong Emphasis on How Planet Earth is Becoming Uninhabitable
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A Strong Emphasis on How Planet Earth is Becoming Uninhabitable
The crisis and environmental inconsistencies faced we are facing these days are setting off the next step to planetary evolution. Thus, it is the time to awaken our social potential to combat global warming.
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Global Warming Political Union
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