Surprising Impact of Global Warming On World’s Economy and Business

Global warming is a debatable topic since last three decades. Apart from the melting ice sheets, soaring earth’s temperature and detrimental weather effects, global warming is also having a huge impact on world’s economy and business as well.

Every phenomenon has its own merits and demerits. Without a doubt the increasing temperature of the planet due to the huge greenhouse gas emission and abrupt climatic condition is responsible for the deteriorating health of the earth. But surprisingly a huge portion of world economy is also getting benefitted from this phenomenon. Most of the time people talk about the negative impact of climate change and global warming on energy, agriculture and varied industrial sector but there are few businesses that are taking profitable advantage of the toxic effect of global warming.

The most talked about sector that is churning profitable margins from the adversities of climate change is the pharmaceutical industry. As the planet is getting hotter and the weather is getting warmer, it creates an ideal environment for the microbes and deadly diseases to foster at a significant rate. Moreover the increasing pollution level is also leading to the rise of various complicated respiratory disease like asthma. The increasing carbon emission is primarily responsible for these respiratory complications which has boosted the productivity of anti dose and medicines in the pharmaceutical sector. Mosquitoes and flies, the carrier of deadly germs and diseases like malaria, and parasitic infections thrive well in the warmer temperature which is considered as one of the worst consequences of climate change and global warming. The inhabitants of the third world nations are the worst sufferers of these health challenges that may even lead to epidemic outburst due to lack of proper medical facilities and poor economic status.

Such detrimental situation demands cheap and sufficient medicinal supply which is directly benefiting the global pharmaceutical sector as a whole. Modern researchers and analysts opine that the increasing rate of global warming is primarily responsible for higher frequency of illness, letting the pharmaceutical sector to prosper. Though the effect of climate change and global warming is not always conducive for the pharmaceutical companies. The drugs industry that depends largely on various fauna and floral extraction is encountering difficulties as many plant and animal species have been destroyed or on the verge of extinction as a result of global warming.

The alarming issue of global warming has compelled the industrial sector across the globe to adopt eco friendly ways  for reducing environmental risks. As the fauna and floral resource is getting damaged due to the adversities of global warming, the production cost of medicine is also getting higher, making it limited to a certain section of people who have high purchasing power.

Our planet is blessed with unlimited natural resource which contributes billion of dollar to the global pharmaceutical industry. While climate change and global warming is having significant positive impact on the drugs manufacturing sector, the same phenomenon is endangering the plant life that provides life saving medicinal extracts. The greed of human race to churn immediate profit results in deforestation and destruction of wildlife triggering the ongoing consequences of global warming.

Surprising Impact of Global Warming On World’s Economy and Business
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Surprising Impact of Global Warming On World’s Economy and Business
Global warming and climate change is influencing the business sector and economy all across the globe. The dependence of society on medication to prolong lifespan calls for the immediate conservation of the planet’s fauna and floral resource.
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Global Warming Political Union
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