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The Effects of Global Warming

Life on our planet Earth is experiencing a serious menace with upsurging sea levels, disastrous environmental inconsistencies and rapid loss of drinking water. All these are chain reactions of global warming, which are intensifying on an exorbitant rate. However, apart from these massive-impactful consequences, it is also spreading its paws on our daily lives as well, thereby impacting the way how we live. Following here, we have discussed some of the effects of global warming which are pervading human lives.

A World without Beer: A time might come in the near future when your favourite glass of beer will be a talk of the history. The three key ingredients used for manufacturing beer are water, hops and barley. However, because of rising global temperature, many breweries are experiencing shortage of clean water recently. Moreover, because of heavy rainfall and increased occurrences of droughts, the production of barley and hops have also hampered to a great extent.

Price Hike on Groceries: Climate change is also affecting agricultural supply adversely as a result of which, the prices are rising high. Thus, on a frightening note, with the daily essentials becoming gradually unaffordable, we are leading towards a state of massive civil unrest.

Coral Reefs dying: Increasing greenhouse gases emission is acidifying the oceans faster as a result of which, the coral reefs are dying. Having said that, the Great Barrier Reef which, happens to be the largest living structure in the world is now under severe threat.

Inadequacy of drinking water: The lake beds are drying up drastically and this certainly indicates a major widespread problem. Because of this instance, the groundwater wells are also adversely affected which will result into a rapid decrease in the level of drinking water.

A Risk to Coffee Production: Coffee is mostly cultivated on the cool mountain slopes. But, with the rising temperatures in coffee-cultivating areas, the cultivators now need to move higher up in the mountains in search of cool air.

After pointing out all these aforesaid adverse consequences, it has become of pivotal importance to pledge for implementing a sustainable living by promoting environment-friendly practices. With the use of energy-efficient devices, use of renewable sources and cutting down consumption of fossil fuels, implementation of smarter and greener practices, we have already started our movement towards uprooting the appalling consequences of global warming and climate change. However, we have a long way still to go. Let’s make the world greener and better such that the generations to come can also explore the delights of this incredible planet.

The Effects of Global Warming
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The Effects of Global Warming
Global warming is acting as a serious barrier in the normal course of our daily lives. Having these in mind, this blog will enlighten you about the ways by which rising temperature across the globe is restricting human lives to cherish a happy living.
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