The Threatening Impact of Climate Change on Global Forest Resource

Forests are the most treasured resource of this planet and an integral part of our ecosystem that is facing the serious consequences of global warming. The forest reserve of the world are considered as the lungs of this planet and is also the natural habitat to a large number of species.

Apart from contributing to the biodiversity and environment, the forests are also the source of livelihood to millions around the globe. But the present challenging scenario has made the forest reserve vulnerable to extinction due to the adverse impact of climate change and global warming. The soaring temperature of this planet and the changing precipitation pattern has worsen the forest heath leading to pest outbreak and other natural calamities like drought and devastating storms.

The huge emission of greenhouse gases and other harmful human induced activity is taking a toll on the earth’s natural resource specially the forests. The forest contributes significantly in recycling the carbon emission by absorbing excess Co2 and utilizing the carbon molecules along with the solar energy thus releasing oxygen in the atmosphere. But the increasing level of carbon emission and the decreasing forest area due to human activity is hindering the carbon recycling process which is having a detrimental effect on the plant growth. Such abrupt change in the forest system due to climate change and global warming is experiencing a constant rise since last three decades. Not only the trees but many species who are dependent on forests are on the verge of extinction due to the loss of their natural habitat as a result of forest fire and deforestation.

Changes in forest location:
The alarming consequence of climate change is adversely affecting the migration of tree species leading to a drastic change in the global distribution of forest. The process is not only hampering the natural forest reserve but is also putting the lives of many organisms at stake. As the temperature is getting warmer the environment is becoming unsuitable for the survival of many species.

Forest fire and outbreak of diseases:
As the temperature is constantly rising, there is an increasing risk of forest fire in the arid regions of the globe. Not only this, the warmer temperature is also invoking the outbreak of potential pest infestation that is having a devastating impact on various plant species and the  forest life as a whole. Such detrimental effect of climate change and global warming is hampering the forest productivity and distribution of tree species.

Destructive Storms:
The rise of destructive storms and tornadoes as a result of global warming is a potential threat causing significant damage to acres of forest land. The destruction of forest area is not only affecting the ecosystem but is also having a negative impact on the timber industry resulting in huge economical failure.

The Threatening Impact of Climate Change on Global Forest Resource
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The Threatening Impact of Climate Change on Global Forest Resource
The gradual extinction of forests is the result of far reaching impact of climate change and global warming that is affecting million of lives and is responsible for the deteriorating health of the planet.
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Global Warming Political Union
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